Zayed University Initiatives


Year of 50th


As the UAE enters a new phase of development over the next 50 years, Zayed University in both its academic and administrative bodies are mapping out its continued path towards educational advancement through dedicated initiatives aimed at priming ZU students for professions of the “Next 50”. Zayed University commits itself to progress, in tandem and consistently enabling our students with the highest quality of education, delivered through innovative and industry relevant educational methods.

Nasa Deputy Administrator stirs Zayed University

Deputy Administrator of NASA, Col. (USAF, ret) Pam Melroy was recently received to lecture at the Zayed University Dubai campus’ atrium, where she enlightened STEM students about the necessity of setting up the next generation for success and exploring ways of becoming the leaders they aspire to be. The event, which was themed "The Artemis Generation: Inspiring and Collaborating for a More Inclusive Future," was held in collaboration between the College of Natural and Health Sciences, the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University and the U.S. Mission to the UAE.

Zayed University discusses employability of people with visual impairment

The Department of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at Zayed University (ZU) celebrated the annual ‘International White Cane Day’ by hosting a virtual event that addressed and discussed Employability of people with vision impairment.

Zayed University welcomed over 1200 prospective students at the International Education Show

Zayed University (ZU) has welcomed over 1200 students for the upcoming Fall 2022 during their participation at the 17th International Education Show which was held for three days starting Oct 19th to Oct 21 at the Sharjah Expo Center.

Partnership to encourage more Emiratis to choose private over public sector

Zayed University (ZU) a leading academic institution in the UAE, has recently connected with Al Fardan Exchange to offer 100 Emirati students and alumni free online training programs in Anti-Money laundering, Identifying fake currencies, and risk management.

Year of Tolerance

The 1st Arabic Media and Tolerance Forum at Zayed University

Spreading Positive News Leads a Better Life Style, media experts. Zayed University students from the College of Communications and Media Sciences met with UAE media experts and influencers recently and had the opportunity to interact and learn operational guidelines in the world of mass media in the UAE.

Tolerance in Workplace Lecture Held to Shape Students Communications Skills

The Careers and Alumni Affairs Office at Zayed University has recently organized an awareness-raising workshop targeting' Tolerance in the Workplace' issue. A series of consecutive activities were held to inform students about the values and virtues they should have during their careers. Based on the traditions and ethical heritage of the UAE society.

Students Eager to Learn and Explore South Korean

The King Sejong Institute for the Korean Language was recently inaugurated at the Zayed University Dubai Campus, By Prof. Reyadh Al Mehaideb, Vice-President of Zayed University, and Chun, Young-wook, Consul General of the Republic of Korea.

UAE-China Share Common Hospitality Gestures

Traditional Chinese Incense Day held at Zayed University. The Chinese Confucius Institute, located at Zayed University, has recently entertained students and faculty members with Traditional aromatic Incense arrangement displays, associated rhythmic dances, and the ancient Han Dynasty Chinese cha (tea) preparations.

Zayed University Nurtures Paths of Tolerance Through a New Concept of Film Series

As part of the ongoing initiatives in UAE's Year of Tolerance, Zayed University is all set to screen four sessions at the Cinema Space at Manarat Al Saadiyat.

ZU Urban Satellite Space Hosts the Tolerance Project

Celebrating the Year of Tolerance, Zayed University Urban Satellite Space (ZUUSS) hosted Mirco Illic's Tolerance Project, a traveling poster exhibition that was created by the New York-based graphic designer.

Year of Zayed

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ZU and Beijing Foreign Studies

Zayed University join hands with the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Cultural Centre and Mosque at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in China, to unveil a series of activities held in the name of Sheikh Zayed this October 2018.

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ZU Middle East Film Festival

The ninth edition of the festival was held under The "Year of Zayed". Among its award categories was a category under the name of Late Sheikh Zayed. The prize was won by student Houria Al-Maflhi for her documentary film about the founding father.

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First Annual Education Conference

The first annual conference of its kind, which is held under the slogan Zayed’s Legacy, shall serve as a platform for practitioners, administrators and academics in the field of education to share, collaborate and explore innovative approaches to creating successful teaching and learning environments for students.

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Zayed’s Path

The ZU office of Happiness, Tolerance and Positivity, organized a special seminar titled "Zayed's Path". Several participants showcased memories from the time of Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan.

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Tailoring Workshop of our Mother Fatima

Under the patronage of H.E Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, President of Zayed University, the ‘Tailoring Workshop of our Mother Fatima’ was inaugurated at the Ritsona and Larissa Camps, in Greece, for Syrian Refugees.

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"Zayed" Special edition Magazine printed with the Emirates Flashes Magazine

A book that includes all the details of Sheikh Zayed's life.

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Student Activities at Abu Dhabi Campus

Short films, artworks, field trips.

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Student workshops: "The role of youth in planning the Centennial of UAE’s Union"

A discussion session with the students of the university and the following: His Excellency Dr. Reyadh Al Mehaideb, Zayed University Vice President.H.E Saeed Ali Al Rumaithi, Member of the Federal National Council.Dr. Karima Al Mazroui, Acting Executive Director P12 Sector , Abu Dhabi Education Council

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Zayed's Centennial: A People's Memory and a Nation's Future Forum

Forum Discussed: Zayed's achievements in the eyes of the new generations.Zayed and building a role model nation in development and renaissance.Zayed and the UAE's external Affairs.

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"Zayed Al Khair" Exhibition

The Ousha bint Hussein Cultural Center in cooperation with Zayed University held the Zayed Al Khair Exhibition) at the campus in Dubai, with the participation of 17 businesswomen entrepreneurs, from different emirates in the framework of supporting these national projects.

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image of Sheikh Zayed

Placing the image of Sheikh Zayed on all university publications: booklets, calendars, books, etc.

Year of Giving

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Tailoring Workshop Inaugurated For Ritsona Camp Syrian Refugees

Under the patronage of H.E Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, President of Zayed University, the 'Tailoring Workshop of our Mother Fatima' was inaugurated at the Ritsona and Larissa Camps, Greece, for Syrian Refugees.

Year of Reading

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Organizing seminars in the book club

The "Book Club" is organizing a number of seminars led by college professors about the club’s most important literary publications. The club is chaired by one of the college’s faculty members in rotation, and students will select books to read individually. The books will not necessarily be from the curriculum of their college; however, the books chosen by the club are literary books and specialized magazines..

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Poetry Session

In the frame of the Reading Year Committee instructions at Zayed University, the department of the library and common learning is organizing a poetry session in November 2016, which coincides with the celebrations of UAE National Day. The session will be attended by a number of speakers, and there will be a number of other activities organized at the same time.

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Reading at Home

A session was conducted by a Faculty member from the College of Education and organized by the Early Childhood Learning Center, addressing parents, faculty and students in the Center on the subject of "Reading at Home for your Children." The session was also delivered by two students from the Early Childhood Learning Course EDC386.

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Reading in Arabic Campaign

The Alumni Office at Zayed University launched a campaign to promote the culture of reading in Arabic in cooperation with the Dubai International Center for Books. This initiative came in response to the announcement of 2016 as the Reading Year as per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the initiative of H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to support the Charter of Arabic Language of 2012.

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Honoring outstanding students

Distribution of books by the Emarati Author Yasser Harib to honor the 29 leading female and male students.

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Student Council's Open Meeting

Zayed University’s Student Council in Abu Dhabi organized a number of open sessions to discuss the importance of reading, how to select a book to read and the books that have most influenced the speakers. The sessions were attended by Dr. Prof. Reyadh AlMehaideb and Sheikh Waseem Yousef, the Imam and Preacher at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and others.

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Summer Reading Campaign

The Academic Bridge Program organized a campaign to encourage students to read as many books as they can during the summer vacation.

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Discussion of a book in Arabic Prose

Distribution of the book "Arabic Prose" to discuss in the "Loqya Club" with the Department of Arabic Language at Zayed University.

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Fiction Story Competition (Kharareef)

Fictional stories writing competition on Emirati culture for school students, in Arabic or English, reflecting forty themes chosen by the organizers’ committee of the competition. The winners were honored by Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi.

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Emarati Authors

The Emirati author Jamal Al Shehhi, founder of Kuttub Publishing House, delivered a lecture on the importance of reading books in Arabic and the significance of promoting the culture of reading for them in the community.

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Promote the reading culture at your house

A Faculty member from Zayed University’s College of Education led a session with a group of students and discussed the topic of “why, when, and how to create a reading culture at home.” The professor suggested a number of children’s stories and encouraged the parents to read to them.

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Participation in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Zayed University organized a workshop on the topic of reading and the path to academic success for parents of school and university students. It also included a cooperation with SeaCulture Foundation to perform a number of workshops for the audience on "How to make my child read", "Vitamin D", "Mental Awakens", "Al-Jahith Literature", "Arabic Calligraphy",

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The Human Library

Members of the International Club at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi organized an event called “The Human Library”, which was a panel to discuss an interesting book or a story or a personal experience that the participants wanted to share with the audience.

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The Best Company

This is a reading corner on the University Promenade, during which a number of speakers were invited to encourage students to read, to exchange books and ideas and to discuss their opinions of the books they read.

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100 Classic Books a reading challenge

The coordinator of the reading corner presents a list of classical books to the participants and encourages them to join a challenge in which they have to read 100 classical books in both Arabic and English in the reading corner; the participants present the books they read and discuss their topics.

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Reading Contest (by the International Club)

The International Club launched a competition to encourage students to read. Students were asked to read a book, summarize it and present it using PowerPoint in a novel way or through a video or any other creative method.