Zayed University Administrators

Higher Management

Dr. Michael Allen, Acting Vice President (CEO)

Dr. Nadia Bhuiyan, Interim Provost & Chief Academic Officer and Associate Provost

Dr. Andrew Marrington, Dean, Academic Affairs

Dr. Philip Hamill, Assistant Provost Research and Graduate Studies

Solveig Nicklos, Chief Administration Financial Officer (CAFO)

Jane Tatterton, Acting Assistant Provost for Student Affairs

Bryan Gilroy, Advisor to the Vice President

Navin Roy, Human Resources Advisor


Kevin Badni, Dean, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises

Michael Ogden, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

James Terry, Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences

Catherine Nickerson, Dean, College of Business

James Piecowye, Dean, College of Communication and Media Sciences

Omar Al Fandi, Dean, College of Technological Innovation

Paul Hopkinson, Dean, College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Gaelle Picherit-Duthler, Dean, Graduate Studies


Christina Gitsaki, Acting Director of The Center for Educational Innovation-CEI

Mohamed Alblooshi, Director of Business Operations, Campus Physical Development & Services Department

Lillian Li, Director, University Library and Learning Commons

Ruba Ramahi, Interim University Registrar

Belkeis Altareb, Acting Director of The Center for Student Success-CSS

Shaikha Rawdha AlMaktoum, Director of Human Resources

Fatma AlQassimi, Director, Student Accessibility Services

Mouawiya Al Awad, Director, Institute for Social and Economic Research

Muna AlSeeni, Director, Strategy and the Future Department

Nadia Alqabanji, Director, Information Technology Department

Abdalla Alzarooni, Director, Contracts and Procurement

Walid Atian, Director, Internal Audit

Mohamed AlMazrouei, Director of Administration, Office of the Vice-President

Abeer AlRasbi, Director, Student Leadership