Undergraduate Programs

We aim to deliver the next-generation university experience by offering students an education that prepares them for the future of work. The University is dedicated to ensuring that how we teach students relies on the most effective ways to learn, and that what we teach provides students with tools to be successful in the 21st century.

At Zayed University we will help students define their personal and professional goals through identifying and articulating their values, strengths, interests and empowering them to learn how to connect to opportunities that will build their network, knowledge, and skills to accelerate their career trajectory.


Undergraduate Colleges and Programs

College of Arts and Creative Enterprises

    • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation Design
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
    • Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design
    • Bachelor of Architecture

College of Communication and Media Sciences

    • Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Sciences
      • Concentration in Media Production and Storytelling
      • Concentration in Integrated Strategic Communications
      • Concentration in Tourism and Cultural Communications

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    • Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
      • Concentration in International Relations
      • Concentration in Middle East/Gulf Studies
      • Concentration in Political Economy and Development

College of Natural and Health Sciences

    • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability
    • Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Nutrition
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

College of Business

    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
    • Bachelor of Science in Finance
    • Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

College of Technological Innovation

    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
      • Concentration in Security and Network Technologies
      • Concentration in Web and Mobile Application Development
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Management
      • Concentration in Enterprise Systems
      • Concentration in Management of Information Systems
      • Concentration in Business Intelligence

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

    • Bachelor of Science in Business Transformation (Blended)
    • Bachelor of Science in Computational Systems (Blended)
    • Bachelor of Science in Social Innovation (Blended)

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