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Message from Student Affairs

JaneDear Students,

On behalf of Zayed University Student Affairs, I am delighted to welcome you to the ZU Family.

The Student Affairs (SA) team endeavors to cultivate a campus community that is supportive, caring and friendly which promotes and supports the present and future well-being of students. Fostering student success by cultivating belonging, engagement, well-being and skills development through positive, innovative and impactful offerings.

We strive to foster, support, and provide activities, programs and opportunities to develop, enrich and challenge you as students and I encourage you to become active members of the ZU community through SA departments and units that offer social, personal, professional, cultural and athletic opportunities in a supportive, inclusive and student-centered environment.

I urge you as students to take responsibility for your own learning and development and become self-managers. Use the knowledge, networks and resources of Student Affairs and the extensive support mechanisms within the university to help you settle into University Life and throughout your learning journey with us. It is important to stay positive and engaged and take advantage of all the opportunities available to you, this may mean coming outside of your comfort zone but this is the place to do so.

As students, you are central to everything we do within Student Affairs, my team and I are committed to creating a vibrant community that is accessible to all, one where good citizenship is valued.

Please contact me with your ideas, questions, concerns or just to chat –

Together, we can create a positive, enriching and impactful campus experience for all.

Warm regards,
Jane Tatterton
Acting Assistant Provost for Student Affairs

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Students on Campus

Zayed University aims to give its students the best possible preparation for the workplace. It is important therefore that our classrooms look more like the workplace. Learning how to effectively socialise and work in a gender integrated environment is vital to the success of our students in their future careers.

As such, all new students will be taught on a coeducational basis. However, all existing students will continue to be taught on a segregated basis, though certain public areas on the campus will be coeducational (mixed gender).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why has Zayed University taken this decision?

Zayed University first began teaching coeducational classes in 2021. From this Fall, all students arriving in their first year at the University will be taught in integrated classrooms. This decision was taken, in line with the University’s broader strategy, to align the University with the demands of the workplace. Workplaces are fully integrated in the UAE and our role is to prepare our students for their future careers.

Why were we parents/students not informed about the move to coeducational teaching?

All students applying for Zayed University were informed that they would be taught in a coeducational setting. In addition, there was no option to select a segregated course when applying for a place at Zayed University through NAPO.

Can my son/daughter be moved to a segregated classroom?

No. All new students at Zayed University will be taught in gender integrated classrooms.

My son/daughter is not in their first year, will they be taught in a coeducational environment?

If your child was already studying in a segregated program, then they will continue to do so. Only new students enrolling in August 2022 and students entering their second year of the College of Interdisciplinary Studies will be taught in coeducational classes.

How can you guarantee the safety of my child in a coeducational setting?

Zayed University takes the safety of its students very seriously and continues to uphold the highest disciplinary standards.

Adequate security measures have been put in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all our students, and we expect our students to conduct themselves in a culturally appropriate manner.

Which areas of the campus are coeducational?

All common areas, such as the atrium/promenade, library, cafeteria, convention center, campus gates/entrances and outdoor spaces. As well as all administration offices and support services.

  • On Abu Dhabi campus, all female students, including students enrolling in August 2022, will have access to the female campus and its segregated facilities.

  • On Dubai campus, there are female only designated areas in the library and cafeteria.

Are there any areas of the campus which will remain segregated?

Prayer rooms, toilets, student residences and sports facilities will be segregated by gender.

For continuing students, there will be designated areas that are segregated; such as specific areas in the Library and cafeteria.

The sports facilities (Gym) on both campuses will remain segregated, with specific schedules dedicated to each gender separately.