Both undergraduate and graduate students are actively encouraged to become involved in research and individual study projects. The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program fosters, encourages, sustains, and supports ZU undergraduates performing faculty-mentored research in their major field of study. Training programs and guest lectures that span across 2.5 years per cohort furnish students the opportunity to raise their awareness and skill levels relating to the research process. Scholars  for this program are recruited through a competitive selection each year. 

Graduate students at ZU have the opportunity to work with experienced faculty members to conduct meaningful research projects at various levels ranging from working as paid Research Assistants to full Co-Investigator status.

For Master’s Degree Programs accredited according to the CAA 2019 Standards, students are required to undertake training in research skills and methodology and to produce a research thesis. Programs accredited under the 2011 Standards may not require a thesis. Students should consult the Zayed University Catalog for the year of their enrolment in the graduate program to confirm their program requirements.