Undergraduate Tuition Fee and Scholarship

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Undergraduate Students

The tuition fees applies to self-funding national students (Non-current students) and non-national (International students) who are seeking their first or second undergraduate degree at Zayed University.

The tuition fees for undergraduate students is AED 2,500 per credit hour.

The application fees for undergraduate students is AED 250 + VAT.

Student type Description
National (non-current) Students
  • UAE national students who graduated from high school more than one (1) year prior to being admitted to the University. These students are classified as Priority 2 or Priority 3 students.
  • UAE national students who received federal funding but exceeded the maximum time period to receive that funding (which is 1.5 times the normal period required for the completion of their degree program, e.g., six years for a four-year program) before completing their degree program, and are thus responsible for arranging the funding of the remaining tuition fees towards the completion of their degree program by themselves.
Non-National Students
  • Students who do not have a UAE passport and/or a UAE National Identity Certificate (UAE Family Book).
Students Seeking a Second Undergraduate Degree
  • Students who have graduated from an accredited institution of higher education and are seeking a second degree at the University.

Tuition fees Sponsored Students

Undergraduate students who are sponsored by an external authority should pay the due amount in full, by the end of the first week of the semester.

Tuition fee Terms and Installments

If full fees cannot be paid immediately, installments can be arranged with the Financial Services Department as follows:

Semester Payment Payment Deadline
Fall 50% of full fees by the end of the add/ drop week (net of scholarship amount)
25% of full fees by 30-Sep (net of scholarship amount)
25% of full fees by 30-October (net of scholarship amount)
Spring 50% of full fees by the end of the add/ drop week (net of scholarship amount)
25% of full fees by 28-February (net of scholarship amount)
25% of full fees by 30-March (net of scholarship amount)
Summer 100% Upon registration
Please refer to the link for more information about our payment and refund policy.

Recovering Monies

Zayed University reserves the right to recover monies paid if the recipient:

  • Receives other financial support,
  • Withdraws from their academic program,
  • Takes leave from the university, or
  • Is dismissed from the university for academic or other reasons.


In addition to external sponsorship, Zayed University offers financial support in the form of scholarships – these are a limited number - at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester to eligible, self-funding international students in its undergraduate programs. 

Please click on the link below to apply for the scholarship today.

Note: Scholarship results will be announced within two weeks of the scholarship application deadline.

Financial Aid

Zayed University provides its students with a number of financial support opportunities. These opportunities are exclusively focused on supporting students whose financial conditions may prevent them from continuing their university education. The Student Support Unit receives the applications and ensures that any support given is in compliance with the university’s rules and regulations. Financial support decisions are taken according to strict guidelines and availability of resources. See elgibility

Note: Both undergraduate & graduate tuition fees are inclusive of books, no additional charges beside the tuition fees.