Deanship of Graduate Studies


Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Deanship of Graduate Studies at Zayed University.

Graduate education is an amazing journey of exploration and discovery through scholarship in a particular field. Students exchange ideas, acquire new skills, and create new knowledge when they join our vibrant community of professionals, scholars, researchers, and educators.

Our wide variety of graduate programs prepare students to navigate the complex global and technological world. We currently offer seven master’s degree programs in the disciplines of business, communication, diplomacy and international affairs, finance, information systems management, information technology and cyber security, and legal and judicial studies. We are constantly reviewing our program offerings and are looking for other innovative graduate programs to add in the future.

We are proud of our students, staff, faculty, and our community of graduates. The cultural and professional diversity of our graduate student population strengthens the learning experience occurring in the classroom. In addition, you will find exceptional faculty commitment to graduate student success, a caring and responsive staff dedicated to meeting your academic needs, and a culture that values research, scholarship and professional development.

We support excellence in graduate education by offering national and international accredited programs and we are committed to providing our graduate students with the best experience grounded in the legacy of this great institution.  We encourage you to learn more about our graduate programs by looking at our website or by contacting our wonderful staff. We hope that you will take on this challenging journey and join our community of scholars. 

Dr. Gaelle Picherit-Duthler

Acting Dean