Student Leadership Department

Student Leadership deals with the non-academic experience of students and provides them with transformative learning experiences outside of the classroom through exceptional service, innovative programming, and first-rate facilities.  These student-centered opportunities for our student body promote health and well-being, leadership, and global citizenship.  


Student Leadership Department will be recognized as a provider of inspiring, motivational, wellness-promoting and culturally-honoring environment to enrich students engagement experiences as emerging leaders in the university and their society. 


Student Leadership Department will foster the non-academic experience of students by providing them with meaningful cultural and physical activities and provide services focused on their development and leadership. Student Life will nurture the student’s endeavor from high school to university all the way through their graduation and afterwards as functional members of the society who can serve the university.

Strategic goals

Our Goal is to promote student engagement through various activities, events, sports, organization, encourage community engagement, national identity events, and clubs that support ZU learning outcomes our ZULOS. Increase student’s community engagement and develop responsibility programs, develop student –mentor program.  Enhance our health services.

A brief statement on how the unit supports the vision and mission of Student Affairs and Zayed University strategic goals. Student Leadership supports the mission and vision of SA and ZU strategic goals by:

  • Promoting university -family engagement

  • Offering student community engagement and responsibility programs

  • Promoting student retention and success

  • Promoting national initiatives programs

  • Promoting life skills enhancement program

  • Improving university sports program

  • Celebrating student success on and off campus

  • Celebrating student academic achievement

  • Establishing Student Affairs Newsletter

  • Evidencing based program development

  • Developing strategic communication plans

Services Offered

  • Student Council and Clubs

  • Events and National Identity Programs

  • International and Local trips

  • Community Outreach

  • Sports: Intercollegiate, Intramural, Recreational

  • Community Engagement Center

  • Leadership Programs

  • Student Orientation and Family Relations Programs

  • Student Success and Honor Code

  • International Student Services

  • Sheikha Latifa Center (Dubai Campus)

  • Sheikha Fatema Bint Mubarak Students’ Center (Abu Dhabi Female Campus)

  • Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Students’ Center (Abu Dhabi Male Campus)
  • Student Conduct

Major achievements for this year 

  • New Student Orientation

  • Winter Festival

  • National Day Celebration

  • International Day

  • Club Fair

  • Cultural Days (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)