The University is currently developing a 5-year strategy for 2024-2029 which builds on the success of the previous 5-years research strategy which was supported by significant investment in research funding. The major institutional outcome from implementing the previous strategy led to Zayed University developing the profile of a research-intensive university by 2023 . This has led to the development of disciplinary excellence within our Colleges of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Business, Communication and Media Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Health Sciences and Technological Innovation, with the college of interdisciplinary studies providing a platform for interdisciplinary research with the college and between colleagues in colleges. The Research Standing Committee (RSC) is tasked with coordinating the development of the new 5-year research strategy. As a Federal University, Zayed University leadership is cognizant of the need to address the strategic culture, creative, and economic priorities of the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, the focus and ethos setting the direction of the 5-year strategy is ‘Research, Innovation and Impact for the Economy and Society’. The RSC aims to complete the strategy formulation process by June 2024. Stage 1 of this process has identified a number of strategic objectives that will guide the new strategy. Including:

  1. Maintain the current research-intensive institutional profile in terms of productivity and quality of research.

  2. Develop an institutional framework to support and enable innovation and impact from research.

  3. Develop existing research centres, and introduce new centres of research excellence in a select number of areas that ZU will be internationally recognised for which support the Culture, Society and knowledge-economy of the UAE encompassing:

    • Arabic and Islamic Civilisation.

    • Data Science, AI, and its application as a platform and enabler for developing research and creative outputs across disciplines.

    • Business and Economics.

    • Supporting an inter/multidisciplinary research program focused on problems of global significance with particular relevance to the UAE where ZU has an established track record of research excellence.