Institute for Community Engagement

Welcome to the Institute for Community Engagement (ICE)

The outreach arm of Zayed University

The institute was established in order to help support the economic and social development of the UAE, by making available the academic and research resources of Zayed University (ZU), and to engage ZU students in voluntary work to develop their sense of responsibility towards their communities. 

The Institute offers :

Continuing Education Programs

  •   Language Center (Arabic, English, Chinese and Korean)
  •   Middle East Studies
  •   Business Education
  •   IT Education
  •   Special Projects (Summer Camps, Open Source etc)

Professional Development and Training Programs

  •  Teacher Training (CELTA, TKT)
  •  Customized Training Programs (Business, IT, Government)
  •  Standard Training Programs (Individual and Institutional)
  •  Consultancy Services
  •  Real-Life Problem Solving through Applied Research

Community Service Initiatives

  •  Voluntary Services (Social and Environmental)
  •  Further Education and Special Studies
  •  International Student Services

Zayed University: A Great University

for a Great Nation

Universities are fertile gardens of intellectual activity and innovation where ideas germinate and flourish in support of the common good. Through teaching, research and interface with industry and the larger community, faculty and students stimulate economic growth, scientific and social innovation, entrepreneurial activity, artistic expression and cultural understanding.

Zayed University has an essential role to play in the UAE, its strategic preeminence resting on:

• The Name- Named after His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan grants it  a permanent place in the nation, the region and the World
• The Quality- Zayed University programs are built on a decade of graduate success and international recognition following its accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States.
• The Commitment to Community- has always been a part of Zayed University’s mission. In order to strengthen this mission, it has created The Institute for Community Engagement (I.C.E.) to be its outreach arm.

Please browse our program offerings and contact us when you need us.

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