Frequently Asked Questions

Join Alumni Association

How can I join the association?

All students who have received their diploma OR a certificate of attestation (prior to graduation) are automatically members of the Association.

I am a graduate & I have an idea & I need the university support; can you support me?

If you have an idea, suggestion, initiative or  looking for a service, please contact us here and our team are happy to support you.

Can external companies, individuals support ZU alumni community?

Yes, they can, please contact us here and our team are happy to support you.

Higher Education

Is there a specific discount for Zayed University alumni?

Yes, please contact Deanship of Graduate Studies to know more about this offer through the following email

If I am a Master graduate from ZU, am I eligible for the alumni discount for second master?

Yes, please contact Deanship of Graduate Studies to know more about this offer through the follwoing email

I want to apply to a PhD program; can you assist me to get reference letters from my instructors?

Yes, we can, first we will check who taught you from the faculty & we will connect you with them if they still teaching at university.

If I want to study Masters, but in another institution, how you can support me?

To know more about different scholarship providers, please visit this page. (you will be moved to an external website)

Alumni Card 

How do I apply for an Alumni e-Card?

You may apply for the Alumni e-Card through the Career Portal  or ZU e-Sservices.
Note: The Alumni ID Card has now been digitalized (e-card)

Is the Alumni e-Card free of charge?

Yes, the e-Card is free of charge.


What is Fazaa Card?

Please visit this page to know more about Fazaa card.

I want to know more about FAZAA Card and its benefits?

Visit Fazaa Card website to know more and download the appliction.

How to apply for Fazaa card (as ZU Alumni)?

Visit one of Fazaa Card Centers & present your Alumni Card and Emirates ID, the Fazaa Card will be issued on spot & you will receive Fazaa (e-Card).
Click here to view the locations on the website, please scroll down to the end of the Home Page and you will be able to view all locations around the UAE.

Is the Fazaa Card free of charge?

Fazaa discount card offered with the ZU Alumni is free of charge, you can know more about the other types of Fazaa card here

Is the card digital or physical?

Both the current offered cards for ZU alumni, Alumni ID card and Fazaa Card are digital cards (e-cards).

Alumni e-Account

How to log in into the Career Portal?

Please click here to view the Alumni Career Portal Guide.

Can I still use my student email account after graduation?

As per ZU IT instructions, all Student ZU e-mail accounts get deactivated 60 days after completing the graduation clearance. You will still have full access on ZU Official Website and the Careers Portal and its e-mail notifications (jobs and other opportunities) by using your personal e-mail (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook …etc.).
Please activate your alumni account to keep connected with ZU after graduation. Click here for Alumni Career Portal Guide.

If I already have a student account on the Careers Portal, do I need to create another account as a graduate?

You will need to activate your alumni account, you will not be creating new accounts. You will only swap the email your accounts are registered on (instead of ZU Student e-mail to your personal email).
You will then continue to receive notification e-mails, be able to sign up for workshops, apply for an alumni ID Card & enjoy other alumni privileges. .

Graduation Ceremony

When is the Graduation Ceremony?

The graduation ceremonies dates and timings are not fixed for every year. Once the date/time of the graduation ceremony is confirmed, it will be announced on ZU social media account & we will contact all graduates (graduating cohorts) through the Careers Portal. Please make sure your contact details are up to date to enable out team reach you easily.

Graduation Certificates and Academic Documents

How to apply for a letter to proof that I studied my Bachelor/Master in an English language-based University?

You can apply for an English Proficiency Letter (Digital PDF) through ZU e-services. You can use this service to verify your English proficiency assessment (IELTS/TOEFL).

For Bachelor graduates, please click here

For Master Graduates, please click here

Audit Courses for Alumni

What are Audit Courses?

ZU Alumni are entitled to attend courses from any college of the bachelor program after graduation upon the course’s availability and approval of the college dean and faculty giving the courses.**Terms and condition apply.

How to apply for Audit Courses?

1. Obtain the approval from the Assistant Dean of the college the graduate would like to attend the course from. If there is space available in the course, the graduate can register up to three courses. **Terms & condition apply.
2. After the approval an email need to be sent to Registrar Team with the graduate ID number and CRN of the courses the graduate wants to enroll into it.
3. Courses will be included in the transcript and the grades with be (AU) (no changes in credits hours/CGPA and no certificate or change in the degree will be provided.
For Course catalogue click here . Registrar Team contact details:
Abu Dhabi Campus:
Dubai Campus:
**Terms & conditions:
Same terms & conditions of the graduate bachelor’s degree payment plan will apply.

Contact Us

How to contact the Alumni Team?

We are reachable through:
Abu Dhabi and Dubai Campus – 04-402-1885
Our team will respond to your email within 3 working days.