Center for Educational Innovation

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Center for Educational Innovation

The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) was established at Zayed University in October 2013.

The CEI is driven by:

  • Connecting faculty, research and practice
  • Evolving efforts to meet emerging professional learning needs
  • Innovating learning and teaching experiences


To empower faculty to enhance learning experiences in ways that are responsive to a dynamic and evolving higher education context.

As a result of interactions with the CEI, faculty are supported to improve student learning experiences within the ZU educational context.

Faculty are able to:

  • Implement new practices in course design and assessment
  • Incorporate a scholarly approach to teaching and learning
  • Reflect critically on their teaching practice
  • Contribute to an academic community which challenges and critiques current practice
  • Experiment with pedagogical interventions to increase student engagement
  • Explore new ideas in learning and teaching
  • Identify, evaluate and integrate appropriate tools for the purpose of enhancing learning and teaching
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