Message from the Dean 

Welcome to the College of Natural and Health Sciences! This welcome message offers a window into the vision, mission, and services of our College.

Zayed University is recognized as a National University of choice for quality education, applied research that drive regional economic development, and enjoys international accreditation.

The College of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS) teaching, research and outreach reflect ZU vision, contributing to the University’s ambition to be recognized for its rigorous international standards of academic excellence along with its contribution to the well-being of the Arab Region. The college seeks to educate graduates who have acquired the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers and leadership roles and have developed the capacity for lifelong learning, regardless of a student’s major. It also seeks to contribute to the advancement of the UAE through research, service, and outreach activities that advance the development of the nation’s intellectual assets.

The college has programs and courses offerings aim to build a solid scientific foundation with particular focus on environmental science and sustainability, interdisciplinary sciences, public health and nutrition and psychology. The emphasis of the college is to provide a high quality learning experience, to nurture effective health and environment professionals, and to create opportunities for research and development that support national goals in both health and environmental science.

Research and service wise, the college have a very active team of faculty members and associates that work hard to reach out to the community, government and industrial sectors to provide help in key areas. These include: public health, nutrition, psychology, water management, water security, sustainable water production, environmental air and noise quality and assessment, waste management, energy from waste, energy options, energy policy, climate change, ecosystems, marine pollution, natural resource management and environmental innovation amongst others. In addition to our internationally recognized academic research output we also provide experienced strategic thinking and advice on the most valuable ways to direct both regional and national environmental and health effectiveness through our consultancy services.

I hope that you enjoy browsing our website. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes


Think Science Fair, 2019

15-17 February, 2019, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

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Second Global Adaptation Network Forum

20-21 March 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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   Workshop on Innovative Use of Drones

    May 10, 2018  

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CNHS hosts first ESPEN Nutrition course in UAE

 January 2018

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The 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 - Abu Dhabi

1-4 November 2017, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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International Growth & Development Conference

Co-organized by CNHS

March 16-18, Dubai, UAE

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Public Health Nutrition Research Forum - II

Organized by CNHS

22 – 23 February 2017                                                     

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International Quinoa Conference

Co-organized by CNHS

December 6-8, 2016, Dubai,UAE

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