Dr. Ravishankar Sharma

BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng (UK)

Ravi is Professor of Information Systems & Technology & Management at Zayed University. Prior to this he held faculty appointments in New Zealand, Singapore and Canada.  He had also spent a decade in industry as an ICT consultant with Deutsche Telekom and IBM Global Services. Ravi received his PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo, Canada and is a Fellow of the IET and Senior Scholar of the AIS. His research interests are in the application of design science methods to use-cases of emerging platforms such as blockchain, big data analytics, and the sharing economy.


Abu Dhabi Campus, MF2-0-43



Teaching Areas

IT Entrepreneurship, IT Project Management

Digital Platforms and Business Models

Research and Professional Activities

Research Area(s):

Digital Innovation & Enterprise

Journal Papers:

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