Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The academic program of the College of Technological Innovation is practical, competency- based, and designed to prepare students for significant positions in the field of information technology.

Concentrations in:

Security & Network Technologies:

This concentration prepares students to protect and secure information systems from threats and attacks. Students also learn to apply IT in the design and development of secure computer networks and telecommunications.

Web and Mobile Application Development:

This concentration prepares students to develop web and mobile applications. Students learn to apply software engineering concepts to the design and development of user-focused, interactive games and applications.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

1. Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning in IT (ITCTQR):

Program graduates will be able to use critical thinking and quantitative processes to identify, analyze and solve problems, and evaluate solutions in an IT context.

2. Information Technology Application (ITA):

Program graduates will be able to select existing and cutting-edge IT tools and procedures to develop modules and systems which fulfill organizational requirements for operation in a global environment.

3. Information Technology Management (ITM):

Program graduates will be able to assess and determine information resource requirements for current problems in order to develop solutions suitable for IT and business managers operating in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment.

4. Information Technology Professional Practice (ITPP):

Program graduates understand how groups interact, be able to assume a leadership role when required, and understand the fundamentals of professional and ethical conduct.

5. IT Systems Theory and Practice (ITSTP):

Program graduates will be able to understand and communicate the fundamentals of systems theory in the development of appropriate systems that function in a global environment.

6. Technical Communication (ITTC):

Program graduates will be able to express themselves effectively and efficiently in both English and Arabic while using the correct IT terms for each language.