Zayed University Named Most Active Educational Institute

30 Oct 2018


Zayed University was awarded the ‘Most Active Educational Institute’ at the 6th edition EBDA'A Jewellery Designer Award 2018, for being the university with the highest number of applicants received.

The awarding ceremony commenced recently during the Jewellery & Watch Show at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC). 14 out of 25 participating students from Zayed University reached the final stage of the competition. It included three award categories, The Pearl Design Competition, The Calligraphy Designs Competition, Emirati Contemporary Designs, and the Jury Special Mention Award.

Dr. David Howarth, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in Graphic Design at the College of Arts & Creative Enterprises at Zayed University, said, “To see four of our Students receive Prizes in this massive nation-wide competition is a great achievement and one that we should all be proud of.”

“I would like to congratulate all the winners and in particular Naida Akaeva, Assistant Professor in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing at Zayed University, for her tireless work and encouragement to our students who have benefitted from her dedication to our Jewellery courses here in Abu Dhabi,” he said.

Hajar Mohammed Aljaberi, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises (CACE) at Zayed University, Received 2nd Place for the best Pearl Design Category. Ohood Alamoodi, CACE Student at ZU, received the 1st Place Award for best Calligraphy Designs. The best Emirati Contemporary Designs saw two winners from ZU, Mariam Al Suwaidi came in 3rd and Maryam Al Remethi in first. Then last, but not least, The Jury Special Mention Award went to  CACE student Mouza Alsuwaidi, she claimed the first place.

Mouza Alsuwaidi, a first place winner of the Jury Special Mention Award, said, “My design ‘The Bee of Alan’ was inspired by a British artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, Alan Aldridge. White Gold and a gemstone named Tiger’s eye were the two main components, “Tiger Eye Gemstones have a commonplace in our region; mostly men wear it on their rings. I have decided to introduce it to women’s accessories,” Alsuwaidi said.

Maryam Al Remethi, Emirati Contemporary Designs First Place winner, said that she worked for two straight hours, twice a week for two consecutive months to finalize her artwork. “My Necklace, the 'Ramadan Lantern,' is inspired by traditional Emirati Jewellery, it consists of Gold, Pearls, Rubys, and Emeralds,” she said.

Al Remethi added, “I was happy to receive an approach by Jawhara Jewellery, one of the region’s foremost pioneers in beautiful jewellery craftsmanship, to place my design into their crafting-list. I admire my displayed piece and look forward to producing more designs soon.” Adding, “Special thanks to my educators at Zayed University, who inspired my dear colleagues and me to pursue our dreams. I truly believe that nothing is impossible.”

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