ZU Research

Mission & Vision


Our vision is to build a vibrant research culture at Zayed University, by assisting and enhancing the research process for all faculty members.


Our mission is to facilitate innovative research to support both the objectives of Zayed University and the National Development of the UAE.

Our faculty apply their diverse international research experience to address contemporary issues of the UAE, as the nation undergoes significant economic, social and cultural change. The success of our mission depends on the quality of research relevant to the needs of the UAE, the level of accountability as measured against international standards, and the effective partnerships built by Zayed University at home and abroad.

Zayed University Institute for Community Engagement: Develop the Institute for Community Engagement as the primary conduit for continuing education, training, applied research, and service provided for the community and the nation by the university.

Institute for Social and Economic Research:  Expand the scope and capability of the former Economic Policy and Research Unit so that it is a fully staffed and functioning Institute for Social and Economic Research, available especially to respond to governmental and private sector requests for applied research.

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology:  Develop a partnership with the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology for securing ZU student internships and establishing a long-term research program on the social and behavioral dimensions of the Masdar City project.

Undergraduate Research Program:  Foster, encourage, sustain, and support ZU undergraduates performing faculty-mentored research in their major field of study by establishing an Undergraduate Research Program.

Graduate Research:  Promote and support research by graduate students through research fellowships and assistantships.

Mission-based Workloads:  Reformulate baccalaureate faculty workloads and reorganize faculty positions in a way that will strengthen research, improve teaching of undergraduates, increase efficiency of staffing, and align the university with accreditation standards.

Faculty Contracts:  Selectively employ the options of five-year and rolling contracts to promote institutional stability, compete effectively in the market, reinforce pedagogical success, and support long-term research projects.

Provost’s Research Fellowships:  Expand up to ten the number of Provost’s Research Fellowships, initiated in spring 2009 with the award of fellowships granted to the top three competitors from the university faculty.

Endowed Chairs:  Establish ten endowed chairs, well-supported by resources for research, for distinguished professors who will enliven the intellectual environment and stimulate and produce significant research in the academic units to which they are assigned.

Research Strategy

Zayed University’s recently developed Research Strategy addresses 8 key areas that are important for stimulating research activity and scholarship at Zayed University:

  1. Integrate research and teaching

  2. Clarify faculty expectations and align evaluation and reward systems

  3. Focus resources on key areas of expertise

  4. Attract and retain the right faculty

  5. Recognize that research requires time

  6. Unburden faculty of unnecessary administrative work

  7. De-bureaucratize research

  8. Enhance relationships with industry