Associate Professor

2015, PhD Economics, University of East Anglia, UK


I am currently in my first year as an Associate Professor at CIS, Zayed University (ZU). My teaching and research specialisms are mathematics and econometrics, behavioral economics, and environmental & natural resource economics. My research focuses on the value and opportunities that people derive from their local environment, alongside examining how behavioral economics may be used as an effective tool to facilitate positive changes in people's decision-making. Furthermore, I am engaged in various research projects that seek to understand the value people hold for local green space, recycling, wildlife valuation, and energy conservation. I feel that these fields of study have obvious policy implications within areas related to both applied behavioral economics and environmental economics. I think that my research area forms part of a fascinating wider domain within behavioral and social economics and are regions within academia that require further inspection and consideration.


Dubai Academic City, E-L2-009


04 402 1283

Teaching Areas

Economics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Mathematics

Research and Professional Activities

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