Zayed University "Give Back" Campaign Launched to Encourage Alumni to Mentor Next Generation of UAE Leaders

14 Jun 2023

Zayed University has launched a new "Give Back" campaign which invites alumni to share their expertise with the next generation of UAE leaders. At a launch event held at both campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Zayed University committed to strengthening the bond with their passionate alumni, who can provide invaluable guidance and support to current students as they shape their future careers.

Those in attendance at the events were introduced to the interdisciplinary educational approach now adopted by Zayed University and the innovative Partner Challenge program which sees external mentors set students challenges based on real world problems. The event also included a coaching session titled “Mentoring for High Impact”, which provided practical tips and insights to the alumni on how they can optimise the mentor experience for both themselves and the students.

Mentoring plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of individuals and communities alike. Recognizing the tremendous impact that alumni can have on current students, Zayed University is eager to foster lifelong connections between students and alumni. Through the “Give Back” campaign, the university aims to create an environment where alumni can share their wealth of knowledge and career experiences with current university students, thereby inspiring and empowering them to achieve their full potential.

Rashed al Shamsi, Acting Director, Student Careers and Alumni Department at Zayed University welcomed the initiative saying, "Since our foundation more than 20,000 students have graduated from Zayed University. This community of alumni are one of our greatest strengths and we are committed to strengthening the connections between former and current students. A university degree at Zayed University is about far more than lectures and we firmly believe that our alumni are uniquely placed to provide mentorship roles which will play a critical role in shaping the future of our students, empowering them to advance their careers. By forging connections across different generations of Zayed University alumni, we aim to build a vibrant community that celebrates the spirit of mentorship and collaboration."

Maryam AlAli, a Zayed University alumnus who graduated with her Bachelors degree in 2008 and her Masters Degree in 2014, participated in the Partner Challenge this year. After graduating Maryam founded Clear & Conquer, a Miami based company, aimed at empowering 1 million disruptors to create generational wealth and break generational chains. Commenting on her participation in the Partner Challenges Maryam said: “The partner challenge program gives ZU students a unique experience, to expand their reach, and prepare them to get 10X the results in the workplace! We are honored to be part of it! ZU is 10X!”

“Give Back” builds on the successful Partner Challenge program, which provides students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge outside the classroom to a real-world challenge proposed by an industry partner, in an innovative approach that encourages alumni to actively participate in mentoring activities. The program, which is mandatory for all students in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, has many high-profile partnering companies including Accenture, CISCO, and Coca Cola. The University aims to build on the already successful program by attracting the involvement of more partners across a diverse array of industries.

In recent years, Zayed University has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to teaching as part of its strategy which aims to deliver better outcomes for students, increasing employability, and ensuring students are prepared for the future of work.

Alumni interested in participating in the "Give Back" campaign and helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow, are invited to find more information on the Zayed University website at