Al Waha Academic Support Zone

The Al Waha Academic Support Zones are different academic support services offered to students. Specialized critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking zones have faculty specialists working with students to develop their skills in these areas. Also, supplemental instruction is offered to students to help them in their general education coursework, particularly as it relates to comprehension, reading, and writing tasks in the courses. Through one-on-one and small group tutoring with faculty, students learn to build their confidence so that they know what they need and know how to ask for what they need from others.

Faculty tutors in Al Waha are all student focused and are able to assist students with improving their skills that will help them throughout their academic career and after graduation. If you want to improve your academic skills and want to learn in a relaxing and welcoming environment, schedule a time with an Al Waha faculty tutor.

To schedule a time to meet with an Al Waha tutor, please go to ARM at:

In addition to enhancing specific skill development, academic workshops are facilitated by faculty and student success advisors who work with students as they more about themselves, their interests, and potential careers.

Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs):

The Peer Assistance Leader Program (PALs) at Zayed University is a reputable tutoring and mentoring program that helps both male and female students with their academic needs. Both first-year university students and students in upper year levels are served by the PALs Program. This type of relationship usually involves the characteristics of role modeling, encouragement, and positive reinforcement of achievable academic goals.

The PALs are experienced, and high-achieving students from various majors who mentor/tutor their peers in a supportive and encouraging relationship either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups, and some PALs work as Teaching Assistants in the classroom supporting various professors in certain aspects of student support. There are also the SAS PALs who work in the SAS Department supporting their academic needs.

As a result, implementing a peer-mentoring program has enabled students in their various areas of interest to mentor and tutor their peers in a friendly and helpful setting. In terms of student retention, this kind of program is an essential tool for assisting first-year students as they settle into university life. This type of program supports and enhances Zayed University's current advising methods or initiatives. Additionally, the PALs program empowers students, develops leadership skills as well as nurturing transferable works skills. It also enables international students to feel a sense of belonging as they work alongside national students.

PALs don’t only work with peers, but they also assist in various leadership/ambassador activities within the university. Some of these leadership activities include welcoming VIPs/ visitors to campus, hosting awards ceremonies and international conferences, school visits, National and University visits, etc.

In the Dubai campus, the Academic PALs Center is on the 2nd Floor above the Library, 04 L2 001/ 002 and is open daily 9:30 – 14:30

In the Abu Dhabi campus, the Academic PALs Center is on the ground floor, adjacent the dining area, in LIB. 0. 023f and is open daily 9:30 – 14:30.

Math Café:

The Math Café's mission is to ensure that all students at Zayed University succeed by providing the guidance that support students' success and enrich their undergraduate experience.

The Math Café aims to help students overcome challenges they face with mathematics courses. At the Math Café, we offer one to one tutoring as well group sessions, conduct review sessions to help students prepare for their assessments . 

Math faculty and the tutors at The Math Café conduct workshops on a regular basis for small groups of students who have similar deficiencies and needs, allowing students to receive targeted help in improving their math skills.

Tutoring is available during regular business hours by appointment or on a walk-in basis.

Students can access academic support through ARM.

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