Master of Science in Information Systems Management

Master of Science in Information Systems Management





Program Duration


Credit Hours              

Cost Per Credit Hour

4 Semesters (On Average)

Abu Dhabi & Dubai


AED 2,666

The Master of Science in Information Systems Management program will equip students with the skillset to initiate, manage and lead digital transformation in companies. Students will gain hands-on experience with disruptive technologies including artificial intelligence, business intelligence, big data, data science, Internet of Things and blockchain.

Professional Outcomes

As industries rely on information technology, Master of Science in Information Systems Management graduates may find not just rapid job growth but many diverse job possibilities. This is particularly true as the program is aligned to UAE government needs and the UAE 2021 vision initiative in digital transformation and artificial intelligence. Upon successful completion of the Master of Science in Information Systems Management program, graduates will go on to become leaders in a diverse range of global industries, including commerce, non-profit, and government sectors. 

Graduates can find employment as information systems experts in a variety of upper-level positions in organizations such as data scientist, application analyst, business process analyst, systems specialist, business intelligence analyst, technical consultant, information technology specialist, Additional employment opportunities include areas of artificial intelligence and data transformation. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Systems Thinking 

Demonstrate an appropriate level of advanced skills and knowledge relevant to recognizing systemic properties of organizational contexts.

IS Investigation & Analysis 

Research, examine and critically analyze opportunities or problems for which information systems and emerging technologies can provide solution within complex organizational context.

Management of IS

Evaluate the potential of emerging IS knowledge to achieve enterprise goals and competitive advantage.

IS Professional Practice

Critically analyze global, ethical, socio-technical and legal issues pertaining to IS and emerging technologies and outline practical strategies to deal with the implementation and the integration of IT solutions.

IS Applications

Design IS / digital transformation solutions within an organizational context.

ISM Systems and Practice

Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills required to adapt, integrate and manage IS and emerging technologies solutions within an organization using a variety of methods.


Orientation Seminar

At the beginning of the Master of Science in Information Systems Management program, students take an intensive one-day orientation. The orientation offers several workshops to introduce students to the University and its resources, the program and communication and virtual classroom software such as BlackBoard Learn and Collaborate, MS Outlook, Extranet, and Bannerweb.

The Master of Science in Information Systems Management curriculum design combines rich research-oriented and strong skill-based components to provide students with advanced theoretical knowledge and marketable practical skills. The program takes a multidisciplinary approach and offers students a chance to acquire skills and expertise in some of the world’s most rapidly growing fields, such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, big data, business intelligence, and information management. 

The Master of Science in Information Systems Management program, which is offered in both campuses, is enabled by state-of-the-art computer laboratories supporting many of the courses through hands-on labs and projects, combining the best of breed in hardware and software platforms. The aim is to give students a first-hand experience with many of the technologies in demand today.

Required Program Courses (27 Credit Hours Required)

INS604 IT Architecture and Digital Business Models
INS612 Digital Transformation Strategy and Management
INS624 Architecture and Applications of Internet of Things Technologies
INS636 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
INS601 Research and Knowledge Discovery
INS646 Artificial Intelligence for Big Data
INS699 Research Thesis
INS654 Principles of Blockchain and Its Applications

Prescribed Elective (3 Credit Hours Required)

INS607 IT Service Management Foundations
INS616 Information and Knowledge Management
INS617 Modern Methods in Project Management
SEC620 Information Security Management
INS622 Enterprise Information Systems
INS652 Supply Chain and Logistics Systems
INS655 Special Topics in Information Systems
INS680 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Program Delivery

Program Duration

The Master of Science in Information Systems Management program is delivered in English over 4 semesters at Zayed University located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Course Delivery Format

Courses are delivered in a full, 16-week semester.  Classes are generally scheduled on weeknights – Mondays through Thursdays – starting at 6:00 PM.  Each course meets once each week.

For more information on the Master of Science in Information Systems Management application deadline, start date and location for program delivery, please visit the Key Dates section of the website.


Courses in the Master of Science in Information Systems Management program are taught by select professors from the College of Technological Innovation who are experts in their fields and possess diverse international research experience.

Please view the article “Using Data Science to Power the UAE’s Future” that was published in The World University Rankings. In this article, Dr. Dr. Feras Al-Obeidat, Associate Professor, College of Technological Innovation commented on the launch of the Master of Science in Information Systems Management program by the College of Technological Innovation that was developed in response to the growing interest in data science and artificial intelligence.

Program Cost

A total of 30 credit hours at AED 2,666 per credit hour (including text books and course materials)

For more information on the Master of Science in Information Systems Management program cost, payment procedure and financial support, please visit the Admissions and Fees section of the website.


Students must complete all required courses in the approved program curriculum and achieve a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.


College of Technological Innovation

Zayed University

Abu Dhabi & Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-2-599-3605



Program Recognition

  • Ministry of Education

  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Program Admission Requirements

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