Zayed University - Teachers, Learners and Curriculum Journal

Volume 3 - 2006

Stuck in another dimension: Teaching the gifted child in an inclusionary classroom
Kathija Adam

Technology tools with MS-Excel: Ideas for the mathematics classroom
Fida Atallah

This is a reading country: Starting home libraries in the UAE
Trudy Ball

On teaching poetry
Toni Briegel

Currency and culture
Chae Ho Lee

Improving students’ L2 vocabulary through extensive reading
Peter Davidson

The classroom teacher’s role in curriculum design
Bahira Hijab

Teaching science as a process
Jeffrey Hill

“I hate reading”: Ten things that teachers can do to help students become readers
Celine Kamheih

Information literacy in the modern school library
Janet Martin

Preparing children for kindergarten.  Parents and teachers together: Foundations for future success
Gloysis Mayers and Chris Couglin

Using inquiry for motivating communication with problem solving in the elementary mathematics classroom
Heather McNeil-Roy

Muna Rashid

A model and process for teaching academic writing
Lauren Stephenson and Jill Clark

Volume 2 - 2004

Editors: Ken Carr and Toni Briegel

Critically Evaluating Web Sites For Use In the K-12 Classroom
Brian O'Flynn

Websites for the Classroom
Paul Abraham

An Apple Question
Wafa Abdul-Rahman Al-Hashimy

Helping Students Develop Number Sense
Ken Carr & Obayda Al Afghani

Mathematics Through Their Eyes
Fida Atallah

Islamic Tilings Of The Alhambra Palace: Teaching The Beauty Of Mathematics
Raymond Tennant

MuPAD Pro - Modern Computer Algebra System For Undergraduate Research
Miroslaw Majewski

Integrating the High-School Science Experience with University Research
John Burt & Annabel Henriques

Differentiating Instruction in Your Classroom: A New Journey
Steve Lydiatt

Transforming the Classroom: Engaging Children into Active Learning
Kathija Adam

A Framework for Developing a Valid and Reliable Reading Test
Peter Davidson & Dwight Lloyd

So, You Want to do Action Research?
Isabella Henderson

Technology and Classroom Presentation
Jeffery Hill

Why We Need to Build a Strong Educational Technology Plan in the UAE Educational System: A Report from the Educational Technology Committee
Tofi Rahal

Raising the Profile Of School Social Work in the UAE
Sarah Crabtree

Democratic Supervision: a Cooperative Action
Bahira Hijab

Adolescent Social-Emotional Issues and Needs
Alan Russell, Chris Couglin, Mohamed El Walily, Mona Al Amri and Kerry Bissaker

Volume 1 - January 2003

Editors: Ken Carr and Toni Briegel

Theme Boxes
Win Procyshen

WEBQUEST: Integrating the Internet with the Curriculum
Lilly Tennant

The Neglected Skill: A Look at Listening in the EFL Classroom 
Dina Osman and Celine Kamhieh

Classroom Management Techniques for Primary Teachers
Kathija Adam

Working with the Walls
Ian Walker

Developing Learners' Vocabulary through the Use of Vocabulary Notebooks
Peter Davidson

Changing Teaching Practices in Spelling by Understanding Developmental Spelling
Steve Lydiatt

Independent Learning in Your Classroom
Jo Mynard and Robin Sorflaten

Using History in the Mathematics Classroom: Pythagoras, Quadratics, and MORE
Raymond F. Tennant

Effective Teaching of Science: An Integrative Approach
Tofi Rahal

Innovative Teaching in UAE Private Schools-Problems and Suggestions 
Paul Abraham

Choosing the Better Instructional Strategy: Expository or Guided Discovery
Peter McNally and Cohort 4 Students, College of Education, Zayed University

The Teaching Practicum: Some Student Teacher Perspectives
Barbara Harold, Peter McNally, and Tracey McAskill

Online Teaching: A Pilot Project at Zayed University, Higher Colleges of Technology and the University of the U.A.E.
Laurence Brown, John Walsh, and Jamie Webb

Education Glossary
Toni Briegel

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