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Mercury Transit
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Dubai Astronomy Group is bringing these telescopes to campus for the event:


Mercury in transit this morning

(Pictures from telescopes in Europe)

This year on May 7 the planet Mercury will transit in front of the Sun. The Science Club on Dubai Campus with the co-operation the Dubai Astronomy Group will give everyone the chance to see this Astronomical Phenomenon.

Download a powerpoint presentation about the transit here (1.53 MB)

What is a Transit?
A transit occurs when a planet passes between the viewer on Earth and the Sun. On Earth we can only see two planets transiting the Sun - Venus and Mercury, as they are the only two planets of the Solar System that lie in between the Sun and the Earth's orbit.

Why is a Mercury Transit Special?
In its orbit around the Sun, Mercury passes the Earth every 116 days. But only about one of 23 of Mercury's passages between the Sun and the Earth results in a transit because of the tilt of the planet's orbit.

The Importance of Mercury's Transits
Historically, Mercury's Transits were used to determine the orbits of the planets and their sizes more precisely. Today they are used to measure the exact diameter of the Sun, which may vary with the solar cycle having an effect on our weather.

How can I view the event?
The Dubai Astronomy Group
will bring a set of telescopes to the Courtyard on Dubai Campus. Images will also be transmitted to the Dubai Cafeteria and on this web site.

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