Zayed University Graduation 2015

Instructions for Graduates

The Graduation Ceremony of Zayed University  for the thirteenth cohort female of Bachelor degree (January- June – Summer 2014), the third cohort of male Bachelor degree  (January- June – Summer 2014), and new cohorts of Master degree.    

The ceremony will take place on:

Tuesday, 26th May, 2015

At 5:00 pm

In Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre “ADNEC”, Abu Dhabi Hall 12

Car parking, gate A

All Graduates should arrive at the theater by 4:00 PM

Graduation instructions before the ceremony:

Attending the rehearsal  is mandatory, graduates are requested to attend at least one of the rehearsals. Register your name and collect your name card at the registration desk in the theater. There will be two rehearsals.

Monday 25th May at 18:00 pm at ADNEC and also

On the morning of graduation Tuesday 26th May at 10:00 am at ADNEC

Graduates should bring their university ID card for the e-registration.

Graduates who are in the national service should send their names to no later than Saturday 16th May, 2015.  

Graduates should contact their colleges to receive their invitation cards and gowns.

Graduates who need a, ‘to whom it may concern letter’ for their employer should send a request to

Graduation instructions on the ceremony day:

For all female graduates please wear comfortable clothes underneath the  graduation gown. For male graduates please wear white Ghutra and Kandura or a black suit, with the bisht.  

Two invitation cards are available for each graduate, please note that visitors should arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Visitors will not be permitted entry into the hall after 4.30pm.

All graduates will be on the stage during the ceremony, so please keep your belongings in a safe place until the ceremony finish.

Best wishes,

2015 Graduation Committee