ZU Learning Outcomes

The University’s academic program centers on a set of six learning outcomes expected of students by the time they graduate. All students will be expected to demonstrate that they can function independently in these areas:

•    Language: ZU graduates will be able to communicate effectively in English and Modern Standard Arabic, using the academic and professional conventions of these languages appropriately.

•    Information Technology: ZU graduates will be able to use current information technology to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

•    Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning: ZU graduates will be able to use both critical and quantitative processes to solve problems and to develop informed opinions.

•    Information Literacy: ZU graduates will be able to find, evaluate and use appropriate information from multiple sources to respond to a variety of needs.

•    Global Awareness: ZU graduates will be able to understand and value their own and other cultures, perceiving and reacting to differences from an informed and socially responsible point of view.

•    Leadership: ZU graduate will be able to undertake leadership roles and responsibilities, interacting effectively with others to accomplish shared goals.