Student Orientation

Orientation Goals and Outcomes


The Zayed University New Student Orientation program seeks to

  1. Welcome new students and their parents and familiarize them with ZU culture, values and traditions;

  2. Provide information on campus resources and support services that are vital to successful transition and academic success;

  3. Introduce students to the broad curricular and co-curricular programs available to them;

  4. Familiarize students with ZU Intranet, email and online services, library and the physical surroundings of the campus;

  5. Provide various opportunities for new students to have FUN, interact with their peers, feel excited about their academic life and integrate into ZU community;

  6. Align new students’ goals and expectations with ZU academic expectations and learning outcomes;

  7.  Help students understand their own potential and challenges;

  8. Instill within students a sense of responsibility and ownership of their education; and

  9. Inform students of the rights and responsibilities associated with being a member of ZU Community.


By the end of the orientation program students will

1.  Feel welcomed and integrated within ZU community;

2.  Have a sense of responsibility and ownership of their own education;

3.  Interact effectively with peers, faculty and staff;

4.  Possess adequate information on campus facilities and resources;

5.  Participate effectively in curricular and co-curricular activities; and

6.  Behave as responsible citizens and show respect to their environment.