Our Vision and Mission

The Division of Student Affairs at Zayed University is an integral part of the university which is dedicated to student success by engaging students outside the classroom and helping students make links between their classroom experience and other parts of their lives. We challenge and support all students, and support the university's mission to enable each student achieve academic success; enhance their personal, social and cognitive development; develop their leadership potential and prepare them to engage actively in a world that is dynamic, integrated, globally interconnected and full of challenges.

The staff in the Division of Student Affairs has appropriate education, experience, and talents, qualifying them to provide effective services that meet the needs and goals of Zayed University students. They collaborate with faculty and staff throughout the university to enrich and integrate learning experiences and opportunities into all facets of university life.

Our Vision

Through our programs and services, Student Affairs will be recognized as providing an innovative student-centered, wellness-promoting environment to enhance students’ engagement as leaders in the university and their community.  

Our Mission

Student Affairs supports the academic mission of Zayed University and provides students an enriching and engaging environment that promotes student life-long learning.  The division supports students’ academic success and retention; develops their personal, social and moral responsibility; enhances their well-being, leadership skills and national identity; thus preparing them to engage actively in their country and a world that is dynamic, diverse, global and full of opportunities

Our Strategic Goals

One of the major goals of the Division of Student Affairs is to create a learning environment that prepares students to engage actively in a world that is dynamic, challenging, and globally interconnected. In order to realize this goal, Student Affairs will align its programs, policies, practices and services to foster and support students' holistic development, their leadership potential, interpersonal awareness and critical thinking skills; national identity and global citizenship; career preparedness; health and wellness; and readiness for life-long learning. These key areas will provide the framework for a fully integrated student experience that will distinguish Zayed University graduates across the globe.

Therefore, Student Affairs has identified the following strategic goals for its 2015-2016 strategic plan:

  • Provide a comprehensive set of programs, policies and service designed to create a supportive learning environment for students from the moment they enter Zayed University to the day they graduate. These programs, policies, and services will be benchmarked with local, regional and international universities.
  • ZU admission and registration policies and processes will be benchmarked with reputable local, regional and international higher education institutions in order to attract, recruit, enroll and retain highly qualified students.
  • Engage students in a wide range of student activities, clubs, organizations, sports, events, volunteerism and service learning opportunities both inside ZU and throughout the broader UAE community (e.g., community partnerships for supporting and promoting student learning).
  • Provide students with course-related national and international field trip experiences that will enhance their life-long learning and education.
  • Career services programs and activities are designed to increase students’ readiness to the workplace in both public and private sectors and to increase their employability rate.
  • Establish health related services including counseling services to promote students’ academic success as well as personal, social and psychological wellbeing.
  • Develop and enhance the infrastructure (staff, programs, data, and systems) necessary to support the ongoing expansion and evolution of the alumni program and Community Enhancement Center.
  • Develop effective communication channels with internal and external partners.
  • Ensure the accuracy, integrity, and security of student records while enforcing and adhering to university’s policies and procedures.
  • Organize the Student Affairs Division in a manner that supports the academic mission of Zayed University, supports the mission of the units and promotes student leadership, success, and retention, personal development, community engagement, learning, employment and wellness.
  • Develop assessment tools to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services offered to students in order to inform and improve practice.
  • Conduct research related to students’ experiences and behaviors in collaboration with the colleges and community agencies.
  • Support student research experience through sponsoring summer projects and involvement in Student Affairs newsletters and publications.