Student Quotes

Ahlam Hassan Al Marzouqi

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Management

Studying for my Information System and Technology Management degree was a difficult and challenging journey for me ¬- but it has made me a leader and a strong person who has the ability to change things.

I started my studies by learning the English language in Level 2 of the Academic Bridge Program. At first I couldn't even communicate with my teachers and I could only use signs, body language and random English words. Although it was difficult I said to myself, "Ahlam, you can do it".

I chose Zayed University because it's a very well-known university in the UAE and in the Gulf, and I loved its social environment and friendly teachers, who come from a wide range of cultures and countries.

I worked hard and passed Levels 2 to 7 and, although I got really upset and disappointed at Level 8, I refused to give up and then got a 500 TOFEL score! That's when I realized that nothing is impossible in life. I then went on to study for eight semesters for my degree. I'm a good standing student with six years' university experience and a high GPA. Zayed University encouraged me to dream, think differently, and hunger for change; I'm very proud of my achievements and happy to see my dreams come true.   

Rashed Al Kaabi

Academic Bridge Program

Studying is my goal in life, and so I joined Zayed University two years ago.

I couldn't speak English very well at this stage, but I wanted to improve. I entered the Academic Bridge Program at Level 4 and at first I struggled with my reading skills in English. My teachers helped me with my reading, writing and speaking English skills and, after studying hard, I passed the Level 4 assessment. I then went on to pass Levels 5 and 6, and I am now in Level 7.

I'm looking forward to taking the IELTS test and finishing my studies in the Academic Bridge Program, so that I can begin my general studies at Zayed University. I am very happy that I joined ZU because I am learning and improving my English skills. My goal is to study hard so that I can graduate from Zayed University with a baccalaureate degree.

Maryam Essa Al Ali

Accounting and Finance graduate, College of Business Sciences

When I first joined Zayed University, I had no idea how five years of studying would change my whole perspective about life.

I started in the Academic Bridge Program, Level 7, and within no time I had a bond with Zayed University. The shy person I used to be opened up - I started thinking for myself and by myself, and I started making judgments based on what I believe in. Zayed University gave me many opportunities to discover who I am and to see how can I cope with pressure and stress.

I was not only working, working and working! I also enjoyed parties and gatherings I hosted on campus, which allowed me to socialize with my friends and teachers. These gatherings were like a breath of fresh air.

Now I have joined the workforce, and I am currently working for the Lloyds banking group. The real world is difficult and different, but it is worth the challenge.

I feel confident and proud to be a graduate from Zayed University. It was an honor to be a student at the University that carries the name of the founder of the country. Students should value their education and cherish the name of Sheikh Zayed, and balance the equation between "working hard and having fun".