The Student Career Services and Alumnae Relations Office is committed to provide high quality and professional information, advice, guidance and event services to students and graduates. Offering a range of services and programs to support ZU students in making well-informed career decisions and supporting their journey as ZU Alumnae.


To be the leading Student Careers Services and Alumni Relations office in the UAE. 


To equip students and graduates with the required guidance, resources and opportunities to be prepared for the workplace and life after University.

Strategic Goals:

  • To increase ZU Graduates employment rate.
  • To increase Awareness about Private sector.
  • To increase Students and graduates engagements in SCO activities.
  • To keep up-to-date with Careers services best practices.
  • To raise the readiness of ZU students to enter the workplace.
  • Provide Activities and events to support Alumni Development.
  • Engage Alumni with ZU community. 

Services offered:

  • Support with deciding on Majors- Understand your strengths, and interests.
  • Individual Assessments- To support you to understand your strengths, personality and career suitability.
  • Career Planning- Assistance to plan your career goals and develop your career goals and develop a personalized action plan.
  • Career Coaching- Ongoing support tailored to develop your career management skills.
  • CV Building- Learn how to create a professional CV that markets your skills and strengths.
  • Mock interviews- Gain experience and feedback on your interview to prepare you for interviews.
  • Job Search strategies- Understand how and where to look for employment opportunities.
  • Alumnae Relations – Services and program to support the development of our Alumnae  


  • Maintained the Matrix accreditation for the 3rd consecutive year.
  • Organized the annual Career spotlight and attracted 85 organizations in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • Arranged the Alumnae reunion under the theme “Naltaqi li Nartaqi” after completion of 10 years with attendance of 450 graduates.
  • Organized the summer Job fair for the first time.
  • Organized the ONCE awarding ceremony for the first time.
  • The transition of the graduate CV book to be online.
  • The automation of the On Campus employment portal, which used to be paperwork based.
  • Launched Absher Ambassadors which is a new initiative to promote the private sector.
  • The integration of Tawteen portal with Zayed University database.
  • The completion of the summer program “WOW” for more than 20 students in both campuses.
  • The cooperation with Injaz for series of entrepreneurship and innovation sessions.