What is Academic Integrity


Academic Integrity is an ethical practice that means students are achieving academic success fairly. It suggests that all grades that are achieved are earned honestly.

Your education is an investment; not maintaining academic integrity may devalue your education, which affects the worth of your degree. Academic Integrity is essential for any society, as people citizens need to trust that who are in positions of authority have earned their credentials rightfully. 


To be the leading well-established Academic Integrity Program in the UAE that can maintain a free academic dishonesty campus, which extends its services to the UAE community.


The Academic Integrity program is committed to maintaining a sound, ethical, and academic dishonesty- free environment, and to administering student discipline procedures fairly to resolve matters arising from alleged violations of student academic dishonesty. This mission is achieved through continuous efforts in the following domains.

  • Raising student awareness through regular campaigns, workshops and tutorials;
  • Updating new faculty with ZU Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures;
  • Formulating and implementing relevant policies and procedures;
  • Adjudicating the cases of academic Violations.

Our Values

Zayed University values intellectual integrity and the highest standards of academic conduct. Our students are expected to be well prepared to meet societal needs as leaders and role models in honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility, students must be educated in an ethical learning environment that promotes a high standard of honor.