Sports & Fitness

ZU Sports operates in conjunction across the campuses of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, providing comprehensive sports, fitness and recreation programs for students, staff and faculty.

The ZU Sports programs can be broken down into the main areas of:

  • Intercollegiate Sports: ZU Sports & Fitness provides male & female students with the opportunity to compete against other universities in individual or team sports such as basketball, powerlifting, football, volleyball and more.

  • Fitness: ZU sports offers a range of fitness programs, classes and tailored personal training sessions to encourage all members of the ZU community to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Full support is provided by the ZU Sports to facilitate and support individuals in achieving their fitness goals. In addition, ZU Sports incorporates Strength and Condition modules and uses General Physical Preparation (GPP) for off season training and Sports Specific Training (SST) for pre-season and in-season training.

  • Intramural Sports: ZU Sports has developed an internal sports program in which members of the ZU community can participate in friendly sports fixtures within the campus.  

  • Recreation: The sports and fitness centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide facilities use for members of the ZU community to use recreationally.

  • Community Sports events: ZU sports actively promote the participation and engagement with the wider UAE society through the promotion, involvement and organization of sports events, both on and off campus.

Contact the Sport Coordinators for information regarding the sports center operating hours and registration for the sports, fitness or recreation programs.

Our Facility

Abu Dhabi:

  • 25m Semi-Olympic Swimming pool

  • Female only Gym

  • 7v7 Football pitch (outdoor)

  • Basketball court (outdoor)

  • Tennis court (outdoor)

  • Multipurpose Indoor Gymnasium including:

  • Indoor Basketball court

  • Volleyball court

  • Badminton court

  • Futsal court

  • Strength & Conditioning Gym


  • Female only Gym

  • Multipurpose Indoor Gymnasium including:

  • Basketball court

  • 2 Volleyball courts

  • 3 Badminton courts

  • Futsal court

  • Strength & Conditioning Gym

Abu Dhabi Sports Coordinators:

Male Sports Coordinator: Charif Rabah


Phone number: 0501076720

Female Sports Coordinator: Kimbely Baptiste


Phone number: 0565028848

Dubai Sports Coordinator:

Dubai Sports Coordinator: Natalia Tomaszewska


Phone number: 0506746862

Follow ZU Sports on Instagram:

Abu Dhabi @zusportsad

Dubai @zusportsdubai