List of Zayed University Clubs

The university offers a wide variety of student clubs and organizations. These clubs can either be social clubs or professional clubs. The Goal of these clubs are to offer students opportunities to meet their interest and work collaboratively with their peers to maximize their learning and campus engagement.

Clubs are formed at Zayed university to attract students to be involved in Extra-Curricular Activities and exhibit their talents by having a group of students with similar interest. Also it encourage students abilities in term of creativity and motivation through competition with other clubs. Students are invited to participate in club activities to expand an existing interest, to experiment with new activities, to enhance a classroom experience and also to meet new people, develop friendships and have fun.

Few examples of some annual activities that the clubs get involved:

  • Student’s Club Fair

  • UAE National Day

  • Korean / Japanese Heritage day, Asian Food Festival

  • Mental Health Awareness day

  • Reading Month

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

Dubai Campus

Japan Club  

Happiness Club   

Korean Club

The Voice of ZU - Radio Club

Microbi Club

Educational Equestrian  & Poetry Club 

Harmony Club  

Howeyati Alarabia Club

Chess Club

Flashlight Club

Kulna Club ( Community Garden)

E- Games Club

Chinese Club  

Environment Club

Nutrition Club

Spanish Club

Wellbeing Club

Fazaa Club

Contact - Clubs Email DXB :

Abu Dhabi Campus (Female)

Eco Activist Club

Loqya Club

Japan Club

Psychology Club

Reading Club


Hispanic Club

Film Club

Chinese Club

Tamayyuz Club

Journalism Club

CCMS Honor Society Club

Music Club

Danat Zayed Club

Education Club

International Studies Society Club

African Caribbean Union Club

Art Club

Fazaa Club

Tolerance Circle Club

Nutrition Club

Red Crescent Club

Korean Club

ZU Special Olympics

Contact - Clubs email female :

Abu Dhabi Campus (Male)

Media Club

Japan Club

African Caribbean Union Club

Chinese Club

Cultural Club

Writing Club

Board Game Club

Engagement to Success Club

Red Crescent

Spanish Club

Contact - Clubs email male :