01 -Is Double room available in residance?

There are two types of rooms; single and double rooms. Both types of rooms are gender segregated.

02 - What is the distance between the residence to the University?

The facility is located within the University campus; the teaching buildings are 5 to 10-minute walk from the residence.

03 - Is off campus residence available?

No off campus residence facility is provided.

04 - Is food, transport and laundry service available within the residence?

The facility is equipped with a fully facilitated kitchen, dining, and laundry area which is available for resident use free of cost. Transportation is available from the residence to the city every Friday (07:00am-07:00pm) to enable the students to attend any personal requirements including shopping.

05- Is there TV inside the room?

The facility has well-equipped gym, mosque, recreational area equipped with indoor games, TV, study room and 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity. TV is not provided in individual rooms.

06- Can I bring my friends or my family in the residence to stay or visit?

Visiting hours are from 09:00am-10:00pm(Saturday-Thursday). Overnight stay of guests is not permitted. Students are not allowed to bring their guests beyond the residential areas without permission. Access to the visitors whilst in the residences are limited only to the common areas due to security reasons. Any violations may result in disciplinary actions. Student residents are responsible for the actions of their guests, including any damage to University property, disturbances, and/or misconduct.

07- Is parking area available?

Resident students are eligible for one dedicated car park space only after proper registration of the vehicle, during the entire period of enrolment including summer.

08 - Are there rooms for students with special needs?

Yes, the facility provides rooms for students with special needs. However, since the number of such special rooms are limited, allocation will be based on availability.

09-What assistance is available for students with disabilities or limiting long term illness?

The University gives all possible support to disabled students and those with limiting long term illness. To enable us to work with you and meet your individual requirements, it is important that you provide full information on your application form of anything that is likely to impact on your accommodation needs.The University understands that disability is not always visible and related to physical impairments and the Department of Student Accessibility Services (SAS)can also provide additional support. We have a number of adapted rooms and we encourage you to visit the residence facility, check the pictures in the residence website, if possible, or contact the Residence Staff before you accept a place in residence. If you want us to take account of your special circumstances, please let us know as soon as possible.

10- Can I cancel my contract during the middle of the semester?

Yes, you may cancel your contract any time. However no refunds of the fees paid will be done.

11- What is a security deposit?

The security deposit is the refundable amount of money which is required to be paid other than the advance payment of residence charges. It may be used to cover damage to the property.

12 - Is the room key charged?

The room key is issued at the time of Check-in free of charge. However, in case of lose/damage the student will incur a charge of AED 100 against replacement.

13-What is the process of getting the refund?

At the time a student vacates the facility, a room assessment will be carried out by a team of representatives from the University to finalize the room clearance. Once done, the student may complete the payment requisition form and attach the room clearance for approval. Once approved the same may be submitted to Finance for refund within 30 working days of submission.

14 - Is curfew timing applied for the resident students?

Yes. All residents are required to report back to the facilities by 10pm everyday unless a waiver is on file for any unavoidable reasons.

15 - What safety measures are in place?

We strongly encourage residents to be aware of their personal safety and security and use common sense. The campus security patrols the area 24x7 and the security personnel are deployed in each building. To avoid any incidents related to theft, students are required to lock their rooms at all times.

16 - Can I ship luggage from overseas prior to my arrival to Zayed University

Luggage should only be sent to arrive after the students are in the residence. The University cannot guarantee secure storage of these luggage, and belongings will not be covered by the University's insurance policy until the student has physically checked-in.

17-How may suitcases can I bring?

This is up to you! Bear in mind - there is limited storage space in facility and your room.

18 - Can I stay over during summer and winter breaks?

The residence facility must be vacated during summer and winter breaks for major preventive maintenance.Non Scholarship students may make alternative arrangements for their stay outside the University campus with an approval from their parents which would need to be submitted to the Residence Team.No alternative accommodation will be provided to the students by the University and they are required to exit the facility latest by the first day of the break.

19 - Am I allowed to keep pets in the residences?

No, all pets are strictly forbidden within the University campus.

20 - What is provided in my room?

Each room has a mattress and bed, a free standing wardrobe, a study desk, a lamp, a chair and data port.

21 - Can I have the University furniture removed from my room?

No, you are required to keep the furniture that is provided. The residents are held responsible for the conditions and location of the pieces of furniture that are provided to them.

22 - What electrical equipment can I bring?

Please refer to the Student Residence Handbook for further info. The Residence Staff has the right to refuse use of (and, if necessary, remove from the room) any piece of electrical equipment within the residence.

23 - Do we need to bring pots/cutleries/pans?

Cutleries, pots and pans are provided in the kitchen facility which is available for use free of cost. However, please bear in mind that these are shared.

24 - Is bed linen provided?

One set of Bedding (duvet, pillows, sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases) will be provided at the time of check in.These will not be replenished and additional set will have to be bought by you.

25 - Who do I go to if I have a questions?

Information on who to contact can be found in the Student Residence Handbook and in the housing website. If you have a question regarding the maintenance, the facilities in your room or residence, or the housekeeping services, please speak to one of the Housing Team.If you have any question relating to payment of your accommodation fees, please speak to the Finance Office.

26 - If I have a specific religious requirement who do I contact for further information?

All religious activities will be held outside of the residence facility and at your own personal expense. You may contact the Residence Staff for further information.

27 - I have enrolled myself at Zayed University and confirmed the residence, but I cannot get a Visa, what do I do?

You must notify Residence Staff as soon as possible if you are having Visa problems. If you do not notify us that you are cancelling your accommodation and simply failed to show up, your room will be reserved until the first week after the start date of the contract .After this time, the room will be re-allocated. You will also be liable to pay the full residence fees as per the terms and conditions as stipulated in the contract

28 - Can I arrive a few days earlier to the start of my semester?

Yes, you may arrive within two days prior to the start of the semester. You are not able to move in any earlier than two days. If you plan to arrive early to the UAE, you would then be responsible for arranging your own accommodation.

29 - Can I travel abroad during the Winter breaks other than to my home country?

The Students may make their own arrangement to travel abroad if not their home country. These would need to be done with an approval of their parents and the approval must be submitted to the Residence team along with their ticket. However, the University will not take any responsibility or provide any support in terms of any documentation or coordination required for the same.