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Zayed University is committed to offering students with mental health conditions an equal opportunity to access higher education. Accommodations are designed to remove barriers to education and learning. The focus of accommodations is to increase access to educational activities such as classes, assignments and activities. It is at the discretion of the college to accept the identified accommodations.

To receive an accommodation for your Mental Or Physical health condition:

  1. Complete the online application form

  2. Attach a medical report meeting all the criteria outlined in the Guidelines for Documentation

  3. Provide consent to release Information, this is used only if a professor or administrator has questions or clarifications about your application or health condition.

  4. Meet deadline for submission: . Applications may be considered after the deadline only in cases of emergencies and sudden crises.

  5. Student applications and medical reports will be reviewed by the Student Counseling Center and Health & Wellness services

  6. A report will be sent directly to the student. It is the student’s responsibility to share the report with their college and arrange for the accommodations with their professors

  7. The report provided to the student will include:

  • Any accommodations that may support the student’s learning

  • A list of self-help strategies

  • A list of support resources

You can apply for an accomodations here.

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