Gatekeepers Responsibilities


What is Mental Health Gatekeeping?

Mental health “Gatekeeping” (GK) has become a popular approach globally to increase access to mental health support and is now widely used across university campuses in young adult populations. Gatekeepers (GKs) are trained in recognized mental health facilitation programs which equip them with basic social and emotional support skills to enable them to offer peer support. The training offered to GKs at Zayed University is the “Mental Health Facilitator” program (MHF) as well as other trainings and workshops which will be offered throughout the year.

GK Program objectives:

  • To train GKs in collaboration with the Mental Health Facilitation Program (MHF) in basic social, emotional support, and referral skills. Training duration is 2 days, usually conducted during the weekend.

  • To facilitate peer mental health support.

  • Increase awareness of mental health and promote well-being within the ZU community.

  • Develop and nurture an atmosphere of understanding, support, empathy, and inclusion.

How to become a GK:

  • Follow the link on the announcement and fill out the application.

  • Attend an Introduction session and a 2-day MHF training in full.

  • Complete and adhere to the contract, code of ethics & confidentiality agreement of the GKs.

  • The numbers of GKs are limited, and selection ensures representation from various colleges, departments, years of study, and a range of skills, experience, and diversity.

GK Responsibilities:

  • Attend regular monthly meetings.

  • Attend and contribute to events.

  • Offer support with events/activities planning and implementation.

  • Maintaining records of GK efforts.

  • Contribute to program development.

  • Attend social events as far as possible.

  • Uphold privacy and confidentiality.

  • Liaise with the Gatekeepers staff team.

Student GK Responsibilities (IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE):

  • Attend bi-monthly meet-up with GK lead.

  • Contribute to day to day coverage of GK rooms on campus

Kindly orient yourself to the above responsibilities as they involve a certain level of commitment before completing the application process.

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