Introduction to Gatekeeping Project


Meet the Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers (GKs) are trained in recognized mental health facilitation programs which equip them with basic social and emotional support skills with which to offer peer support. The training offered to GKs at Zayed University is the “Mental Health Facilitator” program (MHF) alongside other trainings and workshops that will be offered throughout the year.

Who are GKs?

Gks are peer supporters offering friendly support, guidance, and onward referral service as appropriate. They act as mental health and well-being champions on campus and run events throughout the year focused on health promotion. Like students supporting students, the program extends to staff and faculty offering support to their colleagues following the same format.

What are we aiming for?

We aim to increase awareness, understanding, and openness about mental health within the ZU community as well as improve access to support when people need it. In addition, we hope the GK community will play a central role in boosting engagement in general well-being across the campus and help nurture a caring and healthy environment for everyone.

Our team consists of:

GKs students, staff, and faculty.

GK Outreach and Admin officers are located in the Student Counselling Centers Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

GK Lead, Sarah Williams (Senior Student Counselor).

Get in touch with the student GKs

  • Visit the Gatekeeper rooms directly to meet the student GKs:

  • Abu Dhabi Female Campus: M3.0.16 Male/Co-Ed. Room MF3-0-23 Promenade

  • Dubai Campus: RL-2-115

Get in touch with the GK staff team:

In case of serious or urgent emotional difficulties, contact the Student Counseling Center at or visit one of the onsite health clinics.

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