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Journey to Wellbeing workshops

Explore our Journey to Wellbeing workshops designed exclusively for ZU students. Dive into discussions, activities, and expert guidance focused on mental health, stress management, and holistic wellness. Learn mindfulness, stress-coping techniques, setting healthy boundaries, and strategies for emotional and physical well-being. Join a supportive space, share openly, and discover self-care practices to navigate university life with vitality. Empower yourself for academic success and personal growth through this transformative journey toward a balanced, healthier lifestyle.

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Self-Care Thursdays

Self-care Thursdays is a new initiative by the Student Counseling Center that emphasizes taking care of yourself and your mental health. Each time we will have different activities in different places.

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Skill Enhancement Training

A skill training program will teach you different life skills like identifying and working with procrastination, developing self-motivation, identifying personal goals in various aspects of your lives, effectively prioritizing them, and achieving smart goals and decisions.

Overcoming procrastination

This workshop aims to help students identify and work with procrastination and develop strategies to overcome it.

Motivation and building effective habits

The workshop aims to help students develop self-motivation, Empower them for positive change, and gain skills in building effective and supportive habits for wellbeing and academic success

Goals setting and decision making

This workshop aims to help students identify personal goals in various aspects of their lives, effectively prioritize them, and achieve smart goals and decisions.

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Anxiety & Stress Management Program (Feb 2022)

The Anxiety & Stress Management Program is a series of 3 workshops That run for three weeks.

1- It consists of: Managing Exam Anxiety: The workshop explores the anxiety and nervousness individuals experience ahead of and during exams and offers strategies and tools to manage these anxieties effectively.

2- Managing Social Anxiety: The workshop aims to help students engage with and work through their anxieties and provide them with knowledge, tools and practical skills to manage stress effectively.

3- Stress Management with Art Therapy: Releasing stress through art therapy is a calming method of working through emotions and expressing oneself. The workshop offers experiential learning through various exercises that tackle different aspects of stress management more constructively.

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Introduction to Gatekeeping Project

As you know, university life is stressful for many young adults, especially those with pre-existing mental health difficulties or significant family or life stressors. Equally challenging is that young adulthood marks the age of onset for many mental health conditions. During these critical years, many students are reluctant to seek mental health services due to stigma, among many other reasons.

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TalkCampus is an online global mental health support network allowing students access to instant, online support at any time of the day and for as long as needed. TalkCampus utilizes peer support where users are encouraged to give and get support to each other supplemented by student peer supporters who are recruited, trained and managed by TalkCampus team.

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