Frequently Asked Questions


My internship will be next semester. How can I apply?

Easily in three steps, register for the internship course, Register in ZU Career Portal and Fill-in your information and company choices.

What is the duration of the internship?

The internship period differs from semester to another; however, it is 7 to 8 weeks.

I am a Senior Student. How can I know that I got accepted to do my internship in the organizations o applied for?

Any updates regarding the students’ internship will be sent from Career Portal to students’ emails.


I am a graduate who wants to book a Career Counselling session (job interview practice, career related questions, CV building tips, and job search strategies). How can I book a session?

You can book a session through this link (

I am a graduate who wants to book a Career Counseling session, but I can’t seem to find a session within 2 days.

Considering that it is a booking system and there are other graduate who are also using the service, the Career Portal system will allow a 2-day notice period for your counselor to ensure that there is no booking schedule conflict. Thus, you can book and view the available time slots after 2 days.

I am a graduate, and I submitted a Career Counseling request. What are the next steps?

If the request has been confirmed, you are to receive a confirmation system-generated email with the physical location or virtual meeting link and the time selected. If you have not, kindly check your spam or junk mail for the confirmation email or check your registered email address that you have listed as your main contact email on your Career Portal profile.

I am a graduate who wants to update my contact information.

To update your contact information so that we can easily communicate with you and ensure the smoothness of your Career Counseling sessions, visit the Career Portal ( and click on the Profile tab, then update the relevant information accordingly.

I am a graduate who applied to a job post through the Career Portal, but I have not received an update.

Thank you for your interest in the job opportunities available through the Career Portal. The timeframe for an employer to update you will depend on their own individual hiring process. In the meantime, we are happy to support you and increase your chances of employability and we encourage you to book a Career Counseling session with us.

I am a graduate who’s interested in knowing the methods in which employers can contact us.

Employers can have access to your CV in multiple ways. Firstly, they can view it through you directly applying to the job post available on the Career Portal. Secondly, they can directly download your CV without posting a job opportunity. Thirdly, kindly check your registered email if there are job posts announced through us that might ask for you to submit your CV directly as per the instructions in the email.

I am a graduate, and I can’t access my Career Portal account.

After graduating, you are now considered a ZU graduate alumni. Thus, we kindly ask you to re-register yourself in the Career Portal so that the system is updated that you are currently not a student and will allow you to apply for jobs. To re-register yourself, kindly visit the Career Portal page, then select “Alumni” and enter your details. Kindly ensure that they are the correct details by checking your transcript (especially the GPA).

I am a graduate and I want to access the Career Portal.

You can access the Career Portal by clicking on this link ( and registering as an “Alumni”.

I am a graduate who’s interested in knowing the additional programs available from an employment support perspective.

Alongside our services, which include job interview practice, job search strategies, CV building techniques and answering your general career counseling related questions, we also have introduced a new program “Entilaq” which aims in providing keys insights into boosting your employability as a fresh graduate. We also partner up with other companies to deliver training sessions, which will be announced via email or the Career Portal.

I am a fresh graduate. Can you help me find a graduate job?

Student Careers and Alumni Department supports graduates in finding job opportunities by announcing vacancies available via the Career Portal and through your registered email.

Career Counselling

I have never had an interview before.

Student Careers and Alumni Department helps students to prepare themselves for job interviews through attending Interview skills workshops.

How can I schedule a career counseling appointment?

Go to Zayed university website, click on E-services, then choose Career Counseling. Then, mention the purpose of the appointment (ex. C.V writing, Interview Skills, Choosing my major…etc.)

When should I seek a career Counselor help?

Right from the beginning! A career counselor can help you in choosing the right major for your personality, writing a professional C.V that you will need in order to apply for not only for full-time jobs, but also for volunteering opportunities, summer jobs, internship and part-time jobs. In addition, a career counselor can help you with tips and recommendations on how to succeed in your interviews.

Do you help me in writing a C.V?

Yes! All you need is to book an appointment with the career counselor. Remember, same day appointments might be difficult, so plan it early! The session might take from 20 – 30 minutes.

Do you help me with choosing my major?

Correct! All what you need is to take an online interest assessment (10-15 minutes), then schedule a one-to-one appointment with the career counselor. This session might take from 30- 40 minutes. Do not leave this until the last minute, you need to reflect, research, and then decide on your major. Planning your time will make it an easy decision to make.


I am looking for a part-time job. Can you help me?

Student Careers & Alumni Office run “ONCE” program (On Campus Employment Program) which offer a chance for current students to have a part-time job inside the campus in their free time.

How can I apply for On-Campus Employment Program “ONCE” Program?

Student Careers & Alumni Department sends announcement through the Career portal to advertise new vacancies and if you fulfill the requirements, just upload your CV through the portal.

I am a fresh graduate, and I want to apply for ONCE program?

On-Campus Employment program is dedicated only for current students and not graduates.

How much will I be paid if I join ONCE Program?

Please refer to the level of payment rate in ONCE guideline.