Al Kharareef

Story Mile


Story Mile is an Emirati heritage and cultural literacy project designed to inspire students to read, write and explore their creativity as they delve into the art of the Emirati Storytelling Tradition.

The Story Mile project was born out of a mile of original stories exhibited along Abu Dhabi’s Corniche as part of Abu Dhabi Festival’s 10th Anniversary celebration.  We are hoping to expand this project by creating miles of new Emirati fables, fairy and folktales through our outreach to schools across the UAE. 

Utilizing the Story Mile guidelines for writing Emirati stories and the “We Are Writers” free publishing platform, we hope to inspire a new generation of authors by encouraging each participating school to celebrate and publish the work of each student writer in a school book of original fables and fairytales written by your students. 

(Please refer to the PDF file for more details.)