Strategy & Future Department is responsible for managing tasks that contribute to support decision-making processes as well as assess institutional effectiveness by preparation, implementation and review of the outcomes of strategic / operational plans for Zayed University.  This is meant to ensure compliance with the federal government requirements and emerging needs and challenges facing higher education mechanisms. 

Furthermore, the department supervises the development of policies that contribute to maintaining workflows’ efficiency. It also ensures the provision of information / institutional data, reports with transparency and identifies potential risks that could impede implementation of strategic plans.

Tasks are categorized into three administrative units as follows:

  1. Office of Institutional Research
  2. Office of Strategic Planning
  3. Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Planning:  Ensure that University strategic and operational plans are aligned with the University visions, mission, and strategic objectives, as well as-with the internal and external compliance requirements; measure and report performance, and suggest action plans based on past and current performance and future initiatives; promote a culture of Excellence, Innovation, Public Productivity, Risk Management and Future Shaping.

Institutional Research: Serve as University’s formal and centralized repository of information and reports, and assist in conducting surveys and future forecasting.

Institutional Effectiveness: Provide guidance and support to the University, colleges, and academic units to receive and maintain accreditation and achieve institutional educational quality.

SFD Organization Chart

Strategy & Future Department