Services Offered

Supported Categories


Vision impairment (Totally Blind, Low Vision)


Hearing Impairment (Hearing Loss, Deafness)


Mobility Impairment / Physical Disability


Learning Difficulties
(Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia and ADHD)

SAS Services

  • Intake interview and pre-screening to determine if the student is within the category of Students of Determination.

  • Provide assessments to determine the right assistive technology devices, according to the students’ specific needs.

  • Provide devices, through the “Loan System” to Students of Determination, according to their needs.

  • Conduct assessments for students with Learning Difficulties to determine their individual educational needs.

  • Create Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) to support the academic needs of students with Learning Difficulties.

  • Discuss the recommended support services by the specialists, with the student’s family to enhance academic and social progress.

  • Design specialized workshops/ trainings for Students of Determination on a variety of skills depending on the students’ needs.

  • Conduct periodic meetings for each Student of Determination, to monitor their academic progress.

  • Accommodate curriculum and learning materials for students with visual impairment into accessible formats, such as, enlarged print, audio and Braille, to enhance access to education.

  • Accommodate exams according to the students’ needs and requirements.

  • Collaborate with faculty to enhance the academic performance of Students of Determination and provide the appropriate support.

  • Ensure that the campus facilities and resources are accessible for all Students of Determination.

  • Organize disability and accessibility related events to spread awareness and promote inclusion among Zayed University Community.

  • Conduct faculty workshops and training to improve instructional support for Students of Determination and increase faculty’s awareness of challenges related to disabilities.

  • Liaise with all university departments to ensure their services are accessible for Students of Determination.

  • Coordinate with different organizations to provide job opportunities for Zayed University “Graduates of Determination.”