Zayed University is committed to support Students of Determination achieve their academic goals and enable them to become active members of Zayed University and UAE society. To foster this development Student Accessibility Services Department (SAS) has three state-of-the-art centers which provide Students of Determination with specialized training to enhance their academic and social skills. Faculty and staff also benefit for the center by offering Professional Development to enable them to accommodate Students of Determination.

Humaid Mater Al Tayer Assistive Technology Resource Center, Abu Dhabi (2014)

Khalif Al Habtoor Assistive Technology Resource Center, Dubai (2012)

Both Assistive Technology Resource Centers are equipped with the latest assistive technology devices used to accommodate the needs of Students of Determination with Physical Disabilities. The centers are also utilized for training students on variety of devices and equipment, which have been recommended by the specialists, according to their needs. SAS also accommodates educational materials to cater for the needs of Students of Determination, especially those with visual impairment.

In order to enhance the learning experience of students, faculty members are provided with training, teaching aids, and accommodated course material to enhance the learning experience.

Examples of Assistive Tools

  • Braille Sense Polaris

  • Braille Sense U2

  • Clear View Magnifier

  • Braille Printer - Premier 80

Abdul Wahid Al Rostamni Inclusive Learning Center, Dubai (2019)

This new state-of-the-art inclusive learning center, inspired by Apple technology, offers an innovative space for students, faculty and staff which facilitates teaching, learning and research at the highest standards. The Apple accessibility features and apps equip Students of Determination with the necessary skills to be independent learners and to have equal educational opportunities as their peers.

The center will also be used for outreach to other educational institutions and promote the use of technology and inclusion in schools and other higher educational institutions.