Provost's Research Fellowship Awards

The Provost’s Research Fellowship Award enables faculty members to complete major research or scholarly/creative projects that will result in important scholarly contributions of value to the research community, ZU and the UAE.

The Provost's Office supports up to  (6) faculty awards for a semester.   The Award provides a full or partial teaching reassignment for the full semester to faculty members with established research or scholarly/creative project agendas.

For more information, read the Provost's Research Fellowship Awards Guidelines

The Office of Research will send a call for proposal at irregular intervals. Should you wish to apply, please complete the Application form

At the conclusion of the Fellowship period, recipients are asked to complete a Final Report.

Fellowship Award Recipients - 2015, 2017

Fellowship Award Recipients - 2011

Dr. Batoul Modarress Fathi - "Vulnerability and Resilience of United Arab Emirates Maritime Supply Chain Network"

Dr. Carol Campbell - "Beliefs and Social Representations of Health and Illness in the UAE"

Ms. Elizabeth Monoian - "The Land Art Generator Initiative: 2012 Competition for New York City, Freshkills Park"

Dr. Omnia Amin - "The Final Desert Chant: An Anthology of Modern Emirati Poetry in English"

Dr. Paul Wilson Fox - "Cultural Decadence: A Unified Theory"

Award Ceremony 2011

Provost Dan Johnson, Dr Omnia Amin, Ms Elizabeth Monoian, Dr Carol Campbell, Dean Michael Allen, Dr Batoul Fathi, and Dean John Seybolt (f.l.t.r.)

Fellowship Award Recipients - 2010

Dr. Habibul Khondker - "The Governance of Temporary Labor Migration: A Case Study of the UAE"

Dr. Ronald Hawker - "Living on the Edge: Heritage Landscapes and Architecture in the UAE"

Fellowship Award Recipients - Fall 2009

Dr. Jane Bristol-Rhys  - "Future Perfect: Societies in the Emirates"

Dr. Rafael Reyes-Ruiz  - "Encounters: An International Journal for the Study of Culture and Society"

Dr. Federico Velez  - "Global  Empires and Regional Powers: The Middle East and the emergence of the United Arab Emirates"

Fellowship Award Recipients - Spring 2009

Dr. Caroline Haddad "A national study on the health of the UAE population: Geographical differences in exposures and outcomes."

Dr. Jacqueline Armijo-Hussein: "Civilizing Yunnan: Islam on the margins of the Chinese Empire".

Dr. Drew Gardner: "Handbook and atlas of the reptiles and amphibians of the United Arab Emirates and Oman."

Provost's Award winners 2009

Provost Dan Johnson, Dr. Drew Gardner, Vice President Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Dr. Caroline Haddad, and Dr. Jacqueline Armijo-Hussein