Presentation Options

A successful research project will generate new ideas and information that should be disseminated to increase the collective pool of knowledge on your topic within the university, the UAE, and where appropriate, internationally. 

It should also be a time for celebration of the research achievements of our faculty, and a recognition for their contribution towards the development of the UAE.

There are many avenues for the dissemination of new research results, and for academic discussion of the issues raised.  The Office of Research encourages and will support the scholarly dissemination of new research results whenever possible.

Scholarly Publications

Publication of your research results in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal is highly recommended in all disciplines.   If you are accepted for publication in a major journal, contact the Office of Research to assist with further promotion; internally through Research News and externally through media releases.

Read more about Journal Rankings and the editorial process

Conference Presentations

Identify relevant conferences in your field, including the forthcoming dates for paper acceptance and registration through PapersINVITED, a library database.  PapersINVITED presents a list of calls for papers issued by professional bodies, journal editors and other conference organizers in all disciplines.  Setting up alerts to receive notice about new conferences and journal editions in your field of interest is recommended.  Access via the ZU Library.

It is recommended upon returning from a conference presentation that effort is made to then convert the presentation into an article in a peer-reviewed journal, for wider knowledge dissemination.

Presentations to the ZU Community

Seminars and Workshop Presentations

Faculty are encouraged to present their research findings at a series of regular faculty workshops and seminars organized on both campuses.  

Networking and Listings

The Office of Research would like to promote your research through our Current News and Networking listings.
Tell us about your research.


There may also be opportunities to display your work in various facilities across the campuses.

Media coverage

Media coverage is encouraged for any good quality accomplishment in the research area.  Contact the Office of Research and the Department of External Affairs for assistance.