Closing the Award

Congratulations on the completion of your research grant, and the production of valuable research outcomes!  Finalizing your grant will entail both financial accountability and general reporting, but should also include a celebration and dissemination of your research findings within the university, and to the broader community.

Finalizing contracts and transactions

The Office of Research will notify the PI 90 days in advance of the closing date of any research grant.  Granting organizations will require specific research and budgetary reporting, which should be verified by both the PI and the Office of Research. 

Closing a grant will usually include closing and accounting for contracts, staffing, purchases and equipment.  For ZU Grants, a Final Report template is provided to assist with this process.

Reporting requirements

The requirements of the granting organization should be ascertained and followed closely.

For all ZU Grants, a Final Report is required within 90 days of the project completion.  This report should include a summary of the research outcomes, and any publications or presentations resulting from the project.  The Research Grant Budget Balance Sheet should be completed at the end of the project, and attached to the Final Report, which is a summary (maintained throughout your research project) of the approved budget and verified expenditures, as well as a summary of Asset Receipt and Return with disbursement to appropriate units within the university (such as the library, or CSD) on completion of the project.

Any patents or income produced from the research should be declared and discussed with the Office of Research.

Dissemination of Research Findings

One of the main goals of funded research is to share your research findings so others may learn and build on your foundation.