Research Standing Committee

The Research Standing Committee is comprised of representatives from the colleges and both campuses and meets every month to discuss issues pertaining to growing the research capacity of Zayed University.

Research Standing Committee Charge:

1. to review and recommend research and scholarly/creative activity policies and procedures

2. to review strategic plans for research and scholarly/creative activity

3. to frame issues and advise on such matters as:

  • a vision/mission statement for research and creative activity at ZU
  • definitions of appropriate research activities for ZU
  • infrastructure and support to stimulate scholarly and creative activity
  • enhancement of scholarly, creative activity and interdisciplinary research and dissemination of the results
  • student involvement in undergraduate scholarly and creative activity
  • annual review of guidelines for and operation of the internal faculty scholarly and creative activity grants, and when necessary, to recommend revisions

4. to review and make recommendations on competitive grant and award programs offered within the University as needed, including

  • ethical research approvals
  • competitive research grants, such as, but not limited to, ‘Research Incentive Fund (RIF)’ grants