ZU Research Publications

Zayed University produces a number of research-related publications.  If there's a publication we've missed, let us know.

Education Publications

Teachers, Learners, and Curriculum Journal

Teachers, Learners and Curriculum is an annual publication of the College of Education, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates.  It includes articles about important curriculum and learning issues, research in the area of curriculum, and informed curriculum practice.

Twenty thousand copies of volume one were delivered into schools throughout the UAE in 2003. The articles were mostly of a practical nature for teachers in schools, and contained suggestions for teaching, learning and assessment.

Teachers, Learners and Curriculum is produced in both Arabic and English.  This is so that the contents can be more easily accessible to all teachers and others involved in schooling and education.

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives (ISSN 2077-5504) aims to present and discuss issues and research of relevance to university and college educators in the Arabian Gulf Region. LTHE is a refereed journal published by Zayed University.  We welcome submissions from faculty/staff researching and/or reflecting on learning and teaching in Gulf contexts.  Topics of papers published in previous issues of LTHE include cultural, technological, psychological and pedagogical aspects of learning and teaching, including assessment and student support. 

Humanities and Social Sciences Publications

Encounters: An International Journal for the Study of Culture and Society

Zayed University is delighted to announce the launch of a new journal. 'Encounters: an International Journal for the Study of Culture and Society' will promote and publish scholarship from the humanities and the social sciences, related to encounters of cultures, intellectual traditions, and social and political systems across space and time. The journal seeks a critical understanding of the transcultural and transnational factors that shape such encounters, and by extension, the world as we know it. The editors encourage contributions that explicitly link the humanities and the social sciences and engage their different methodologies. Regular special volumes will offer stimulating, focused engagement with specific historical, political, cultural, social or theoretical questions.

Encounters has an international Editorial Committee and an Advisory Board of distinguished scholars, including Arjun Appadurai, Peter van der Veer, Lila Abu-Lughod, and Aihwa Ong amongst others. Due to be published in October of 2009, the inaugural issue of Encounters will include articles by Walter Mignolo and Madina Tlostanova, Aneliess Moors, and Ahmed Ali Salem amongst others.