Research Spotlight

A new series from the Office of Research is designed to highlight the research and creative work of a few faculty twice each semester.  It’s one way of making sure that the interesting work being done by our colleagues reaches a wider internal audience.  We can’t highlight everyone, of course, but perhaps as we highlight a few each year, faculty will begin asking other colleagues about their work, and the habit of noticing each other’s creative efforts will spread.

Enjoy the spotlight—whether it is shining on you or on your neighbor!

 Issue 1: April 2019

  • Ajda Osifo -       Instructor, Academic Bridge Program
  • Isaac Sullivan -      Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Creative Enterprises
  • Anna Dillon -       Chair, Department of Educational Studies, College of Education
  • Mirey Karavetian -      Assistant Professor, College of Natural and Health Sciences
  • Wafa Zoghbor -       Assistant Dean for Research, University College