Zayed University Institute for Community Engagement (I.C.E)

Zayed University has recently reorganized its outreach program by setting up The Zayed University Institute for Community Engagement (I.C.E). The Institute is an amalgamation of the previous units (ITI, CBEX, CPD, ZU Media and English Outreach) and as such replaces them.

The reorganization followed a directive by H.E. Sheikh Nahayan in his 2008 Convocation speech.

"The University is in the process of launching a major reorganization of its outreach programs. I wish to stress the importance of this initiative that will serve the wider needs of the communities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We will strive to establish partnerships with government, with industry, and with the public schools. An excellent example of university outreach is the recent collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy. I ask the Vice President, the Provost, and the Deans to brief you thoroughly on these plans for university outreach and to seek your commitment to help us develop programs that will serve the needs of the UAE. Success in this important endeavor requires institution-wide collaboration and participation."


The mission of I.C.E is to support the economic and social development of the UAE by making available the academic and research resources of Zayed University (ZU), and to engage ZU students in voluntary work to develop their sense of responsibility towards their communities.

To achieve this mission, I.C.E will offer:

  • Corporate Training & Consultancy Programs by developing a variety of standardized and customized training programs for individuals, businesses and organizations;
  • Continuing Education by working with faculty throughout the university to assist and facilitate the design and delivery of programs in various fields, to audiences beyond campus boundaries;
  • Community Service by designing free or low cost programs for lifelong personal enrichment of citizens of the UAE and by offering volunteer student and faculty services to the community.
  • Business Solutions Through Research initiatives by working with clients to find the best solutions for their needs. Research is conducted within I.C.E or in collaboration with content-area experts from Zayed University colleges or centers.

Trainer of Choice

I.C.E manages all external outreach activities for ZU working closely with the colleges to offer high quality programs to the government, business and the community at large. Through I.C.E’s efforts, we aim to make ZU the first choice institution for future generations in the UAE and an aspirational one for those in the region. We also aim to make it the trainer of choice for businesses and government and an internationally recognized center for language and culture.

I.C.E Programs

I.C.E educational and service programs are intended to enhance the qualifications of employees and the effectiveness of operations in the private and public sector. The range of programs offered includes English language instruction, project management, governmental operations education, media and communications training, computing proficiency enhancement, and managerial skill development.

I.C.E provides training, consulting and continuing education services to empower employees to be more effective in today’s workplace. I.C.E seeks to promote technology adoption, the culture of innovation and quality improvement. Benchmarked to international standards, I.C.E programs are designed to provide participants with a wide range of competencies.

Through its strong corporate and academic links, I.C.E has access to a large pool of subject-matter experts. I.C.E leverages its knowledge and experience in consulting, education and training to design and deliver programs that address the needs of our clients and provide them with functional and innovative solutions