Open Data Policy

Zayed University is committed to continuous development and the principles of transparency, cooperation, active participation and information sharing in line with established government policy. Consequently, Zayed University provides access to data, in a clear and seamless manner, that can be used, reused, distributed or shared without restrictions. This data is available to all visitors/users.

Note: Open data refers to information that is accessible and can be used and/or shared by all without the burdens of technical, financial or legal restrictions.

To ensure the best possible Open Data service, please be advised of the following:

Firstly: Our Commitment Towards You

  • Provide access to data without any restrictions or registration
  • Publish data in a readable, adjustable and reusable file formats in ‘cut-paste’ mode as well as downloadable documents
  • Provide the means for visitors/users to offer feedback regarding the open data available
  • Provide a detailed description of the files’ type, size, and publication date time required to download
  • Provide file formats that are readily accessible to most users such as MS Word and Excel
  • Any special programs or software needed to run and/or open the file will be mentioned and plug-ins will be provided as necessary

Secondly: We Hope that Visitors/Users Will

  • To refer to Zayed University as the data source along with the name of the file and publication date
  • Abide by copyleft licenses
  • To refrain from using the data provided for political purposes; to support illegal or criminal activities; to negatively impact the UAE; or to support any activity that is contrary to the values of UAE society

Zayed University is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences/damage that may result from the use of available data on its website. Such liability rests upon the user.

Zayed University is committed to the Open Data Guidelines of the mGovernment posted on the UAE Government official portal on the following link: